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Advanced Alternative Medicine Center

Advanced Alternative Medicine Center

Surgery Recommended

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In this video, Dr. Huntoon discusses what you need to consider if your medical doctor asks you to have surgery.

Click on any of the links to your right, listen to our radio show on How To Work With Your Doctor and scroll down to see all the questions you want to have answered before signing on the consent form.

Dr. Huntoon is here for second opinions and would look forward to meeting you.

If You Need Surgery

The Alternative Perspective and The Medical Perspective

If you are ever told you need to have surgery, it is important to get the following questions answered when sitting with your surgeon, so you can be fully aware and prepared for what comes after the surgery:

1) Is the surgery absolutely necessary?

2) What are you qualifications/experience/in doing this surgery?

3) Who will do the actual surgery? (Sometimes an associate will do the surgery or assist in the surgery)

4) If an associate, what are their qualifications?

5) Who is the anesthesiologist?  What are their qualifications?

6) Who else will be involved in the surgery and what are their qualifications?

7) How many of these procedures have you (or other person doing the surgery) done?

8) What is the success ration based upon 100 % success?

9) What is the failure ratio, requiring a second surgery or other form of therapy?

10) What is my worst case scenario?

11) How much PT will I require after the surgery?

12) May I speak to other patients who have already gone through with this form of surgery?

13) May I speak to the ones who have been successful?

14) May I speak to the ones that have been un-successful?

15) How much time do I have to consider other options?

Medicines Two Choices for You

Your Solution

Be sure to have all of these questions answered before making your final decision.  Do not feel pressured to have a surgery if you are not 100 % in agreement with it.  Ask questions.  Always go into a surgery with positive expectations knowing that this will solve your health concern.

If you are not convinced you need surgery, consult with a Holistic Chiropractor for many alternatives.

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Advanced Alternative Medicine Center

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