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Advanced Alternative Medicine Center

Advanced Alternative Medicine Center

In this video, Dr. Huntoon discusses the underlying reason for a weak Immune System and what you have done to cause it.

Consider scrolling down to read the full article after watching the video.  Since this condition is so prevalent in our society and is the underlying reason for obesity and chronic inflammation, understanding this information is vital for your health and the health of those you love.

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I Thought Antibiotics Were Safe.

If so, what is the harm in prescribing them?

All medicines have side effects, including antibiotics. Because few antibiotics are highly specific, they not only destroy the "bad" bacteria, but also kill many of the beneficial bacteria that inhabit the body. These good bacteria play a critical role in maintaining general health and preventing disease-causing organisms from establishing a foothold. Serious, potentially fatal antibiotic-associated infections remain a major concern in hospitals, and thus antibiotic use is monitored carefully. IV antibiotics, such as those sometimes promoted for treating symptoms attributed to Chronic Lyme Disease, require lines and catheters that present an avenue for dangerous secondary infections to get into the body and take hold.
Patients also risk negative and sometimes serious reactions to the antibiotics themselves. In the first studies, 25 percent of the patients in the treatment group experienced study-related adverse events (New Engl J Med 345:85-92, 2001). In the clinical trial looking at cognitive function (how a person's brain works in the way of thinking and remembering), six patients experienced serious adverse events, four of whom required hospitalization (Neurology 60:1923-30, 2003). In the most recent trial for cognitive improvement, 26 percent of patients given IV therapy experienced adverse events compared with 7 percent for the IV placebo group (Neurology 70(13):992-1003, 2008).
In addition to personal safety concerns, unnecessary antibiotic use contributes to the serious, growing problem of antimicrobial resistance. Overuse of antibiotics has led to many bacteria developing resistance to the very drugs doctors once used to combat them.  
Finally, because antibiotics destroy the beneficial bacteria needed by the body to digest your food, what results from taking antibiotics will be a digestive Yeast/Candidia imbalance which will then lead to sugar cravings, Leaky Gut Syndrome, allergies, elevated cholesterol levels, elevated blood pressure, auto-immune concerns, heart disease, irritable bowel, colitis, diverticulitis and the potential for cancer.  Please consider this before taking an antibiotic without having your doctor confirm that your symptoms are being caused by a bacteria.  Without a culture, there is no way to know if you are dealing with a true bacterial infection, or if your symptoms are due to a different cause such as a virus or other pathogen.

A Must for ANY Antibiotic Therapy

The most common effect of taking antibiotics is, (because it destroys the friendly bacteria that play a critical role in maintaining normal digestive function, when the antibiotics destroy these good bacteria) it results in a Yeast/Candidia overgrowth.  This will then lead to a Yeast and/or Candidia infection.  This usually occurs after the consumption of sugar found in most foods that come in packages and have a shelf-life.  To avoid this common side-effect, it is recommended anyone who takes an antibiotic to also take a probiotic.  Probiotics are the friendly bacteria needed to help re-establish the required beneficial bacteria (flora) to help restore balance to the digestive system.  Taking a probiotic requires one dosage every time you eat a meal for a period of no less than 9 to 12 months.  Ideally you should figure 1 year to recover.  In addition to the probiotic, there is a second supplement called Zymex which is designed to reduce and eliminate the excess amounts of Yeast/Candidia.  This too is required every time you eat a meal for the same period of no less than 9 to 12 months.  Monitoring this condition is important.  Working with a Holistic Chiropractor who is well versed in dealing with this condition is warranted.  The effects of antibiotic therapy is probably the number one cause of health imbalances in the United States.  Knowledge is power.  Do Not let this side effect ruin your health or the health of your loved ones.

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