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Advanced Alternative Medicine Center

Advanced Alternative Medicine Center

5 Elements of Health Survey

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In this video, Dr. Huntoon discusses the 4 Causes of All Health Concerns and what many medical doctors will simply fail to consider when it comes to understanding your health.  Do you suffer with any of the 4 Causes of Health Concerns?  The answer, of course, is YES.  

Click on any of the links to your right, listen to our radio show AND scroll down and take the survey.  Then contact Dr. Huntoon to schedule your consultation.

Five Elements of Health Survey: Check all that apply to you (this list is not complete)

Water Element: Items marked in this section indicate Kidney/Urinary Bladder Imbalances

__ Trouble Sleeping/Insomnia           __ Thirsty                                       __ Bladder infections

__ Lack bladder control                     __ Wake 2X at night to urinate       __ Sore Knees

__ Weak Knees                                 __ Frequent cavities                       __ Fear

__ Low Back Pain                              __ Easily broken bones                  __ Easily startled

__ Body Temperature problems        __ Memory problems                      __ Night sweats

__ Hot flashes any time of day          __ Excessive hair loss                    __ Kidney stones

__ Heat in hands, chest, feet             __ Low-pitched ringing in ears       __ Paralyzed will


Wood Element: Items marked in this section indicate Liver/Gall Bladder Imbalances

__ Migraines/headaches                    __ Neck pain/tension                      __ Shoulder pain/tension

__ Bitter taste in mouth                      __ Tight sensation in the chest       __ Mood swings

__ Anger easily                                  __ Frustration                                  __ Depression

__ Irritability                                        __ Unable to adapt to stress           __ Headache

__ Lump in throat                               __ High-pitched ringing in ears        __ Hip pain

__ Eye and vision problems               __ Indecision                                   __ Hold feelings in

__ Nausea                                          __ Burping during/after meals         __ Reflux

__ Vomiting                                       


Fire Element: Items marked in this section indicate Heart/Small Intestine Imbalances

__ Palpatations                                    __ Sores on tip of tongue               __ Anxiety

__ Restlessness                                  __ Insecure                                     __ Mental confusion

__ Chest pain traveling to shoulder     __ Feeling vulnerable                     __ Frequent dreams

__ Absent mindedness                       __ Feeling lost                                 __ Swollen hands 

__ Can't take a deep breath                __ Fullness in throat                       __ Paranoia


Earth Element: Items marked in this section indicate Stomach/Spleen/Pancreas Imbalances

__ Abdominal bloating and gas           __ Gurgling noises in stomach     __ Fatigue after eating

__ Easily bruised                                 __ Hemorrhoids                            __ Over-thinking

__ Worry                                              __ Low appetite                            __ Nausea

__ Heavy sensation in the body          __ Digestive irregularities             __ Fatigue

__ Mental heaviness/sluggish             __ Stomach pain                           __ Bad breath

__ Acid regurgitation                           __ Belching                                   __ Low self-esteem

__ Bleeding, swollen painful gums


Metal Element: Items marked in this section indicate Large Intestine/Lung/Skin Imbalances

__ Allergies                                        __ Sinus problems                         __ Cough

__ Rigid in your thinking                    __ Sneezing                                   __ Sore throat

__ Difficulty breathing                        __ Sadness                                    __ Dry skin

__ Feeling defensive                         __ Congestion                                __ Psoriasis


If you checked more than 10 items, please call the office to discuss this.  Your health is failing.

If you checked 5 - 10 items, please call the office to discuss this.  You need some support.

If you checked less than 5 items, you need a health maintenance program.

Small problems, as indicated by your symptoms, are the first indicator of a larger problem.  Taking care of your concerns when they are small is the best way to prevent you from experiencing larger problems.

The Alternative Perspective

Now that you have taken your survey, you have a better understanding of what your health is doing.  Working with a Holistic Chiropractor is the best option for remedying your imbalances.  If you need help with your health because of any answer being an issue, it is better to take care of things when they are small instead of waiting until they become a bigger problem.  As a wise person once said, "Don't be a penny smart and a pound foolish."  After all, we are talking about your most important asset, that being your health.  And without your health, your happiness will never be achieved.

The Medical Perspective

Having a symptom means you already have a health problems that meets the criteria for exercising your health benefits.  Unfortunately, qualifying for care will usually mean medication and other procedures and tests to verify your symptom.  And to have a symptom means you have already lost 60 % of normal functioning.  Taking medication to suppress your symptoms and have you be on the medication for a long time to manage your symptoms, especially if insurance will pay for it, certainly is an option.  If that is your choice, print out the survey results and take them to your Medical Doctor and discuss your options.

Your Solution

Have an evaluation with Dr. Huntoon to determine the cause of your health imbalances.  If after consulting with Dr. Huntoon you feel you do not want to go forward with his recommendations or the examination, you do not have to pay for your time with him.  This is our Money Back Guarantee.  So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We look forward to seeing you in the office.

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