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Advanced Alternative Medicine Center

Advanced Alternative Medicine Center

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Is It EVER Normal To Have A Symptom or Symptoms?

Symptoms in society are very common.  The commercials will make is seem like these symptoms, although unpleasant, are “a normal part of life” and taking medication is necessary to deal with this “normal part of life.”

News Flash:  Symptoms, although very common in our society, are NOT NORMAL! 


When the body goes out of balance and it has recognized this for itself, and it cannot restore balance on its own, it will get your attention by giving you a symptom.  This is the wisdom of the body letting you know that your body is out of harmony and has lost its ability to restore homeostasis.  

So, I suppose, having a symptom can be normal if your body is telling you you are out of balance and need some attention to get back into balance.  This is your body's attempt to get extra help to change the situation.  This is Pro-survival and self preservation of the organism. 

Do you know what the last symptom and body will give you to get your attention?


Pain is the body’s way of letting you know that you have a problem that will not correct itself and the body needs some help. 

If you do not manage this,

your next step will be full-blown


And this is only after you have experienced other symptoms, such as

What DO Symptoms Mean?

Symptoms are the end results of the body's inability to function properly and the body then sends up a warning that there is a problem. 

Unfortunately, most people were never educated to understand this. 

We were also not given the understanding that research has found...

You have to lose greater than 60 percent of normal functioning in order to have a symptom.   Greater than 60 % of normal functioning BEFORE your body will tell you that you are reaching a critical juncture in your ability to survive. 

Masking Medications

If you take a medication to address your symptoms, what does that do to the ability of your body to restore normal function?  Absolutely nothing.  Because taking masking agents only covers up the symptom and does nothing to address the underlying CAUSE. 

Now, understanding this, you have 2 Choices:

        1)You can do nothing, possibly mask it with medication, and allow the problem to get bigger and worse over time


        2)You can listen to your body’s WARNING and make a Change

If I could show you a way that is both Natural and Affordable to address the CAUSE of your health concern, Would you MAKE THAT CHANGE to help yourself?


If so, take the time to contact the office at (845)561-2225 and allow me the opportunity to change your life by changing your health to allow you to participate in life on your terms, not your health concerns terms.

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