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Advanced Alternative Medicine Center

Advanced Alternative Medicine Center

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Healthy Adrenals A Girls Best Friend

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In this video, Dr. Huntoon discusses the 4 Causes of ALL Health Concerns and what you need to know if you have Adrenal Insufficiency.

Most doctors will never consider looking for these 4 causes since it would limit the amount of prescriptions they could write if they addressed these concerns.

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Healthy Adrenals Can Be A Girls Best Friend:       Consider Shop with the Doc

The Alternative Perspective

Women, Menopause and Weight Management

In a culture where multitasking is key and life seems to run on fast forward, a woman’s adrenal system can get quite a workout.  When you add menopause to the mix, the adrenal glands can go on high alert.  Keeping the adrenal glands healthy plays a very important role for women in menopause.  This is especially true for those feeling worn down from dealing with the effects of hormonal fluctuations and battling weight gain.

Stress and Cortisol

You may be aware of the hormonal fluctuations that occur in menopause but don’t see the connection between adrenal health and menopause.  When stressed, either physically or emotionally, the adrenals will release adrenaline and Cortisol to moderate stress.  When a woman in menopause also has chronic stress, Cortisol production can be in excess, and she may experience adrenal fatigue.  This can result in cravings for sweet or salty foods, weight gain, or stubborn pounds that won’t go away, even with diet and exercise. Without the support of a healthy adrenal system, menopausal symptoms can be more pronounced and make life miserable. 

Caffeine-Fueled Lives Don’t Promote Energy

Women facing the combination of menopause and hectic lives often feel tired. Many think they need caffeine in their morning coffee, energy drinks at lunch, and mid-afternoon lattes just to keep going.  These stimulants make the adrenal glands work even harder, and though there may be a temporary lift in energy, in the long run it won’t last.  The delicate adrenal system was not meant to run on high speed at all times.  Supporting adrenal health can help provide a solid foundation for easing menopausal symptoms.

A Healthy Diet and Nutritional Support

Stress on the adrenal system can come from many sources, and menopause is definitely one of them.  You may appreciate the guidance of Dr. Huntoon to help you make a smoother passage through this natural stage of life.  By reviewing your eating habits, Dr. Huntoon can suggest healthy alternatives to foods that aren’t friendly to your waistline.  We can also look into how much sugar, caffeine, and processed foods you are consuming since all of these can affect mood and stress levels.  For some, you may choose to eat smaller meals throughout the day to keep your blood sugar levels and energy more even.  Dr. Huntoon can also recommend nutritional supplements that help to support the physiology, function and nutritional needs of the adrenal glands.  Consider Shop with the Doc to learn what are your specific dietary needs during this time of life and into the future.

The Medical Perspective

This is a big money maker for the Medical Profession as it always seems to involve lots of treatment and medications and referrals to other practitioners.  You can certainly go that route, and eventually you may be offered the opportunity to have a partial or complete hysterectomy, or told you just have to learn to live with it and it will eventually go away.  Those seem to be all they can offer you. 

Your Solution

Standard Process and Mediherb have Key Products to help support Adrenal Health:

Adrenal Dessicated:

  • Adrenal Dessicated helps support endocrine health.
  • Contains nutritional components of the adrenal glands
  • Provides powerful short-term adrenal support for immediate energy needs
  • Supports immune system function, which can be compromised when adrenal fatigue sets in


  • Drenamin supports adrenal function and helps maintain emotional balance
  • Promotes healthy adrenal gland function
  • Encourages a healthy response to environmental stresses
  • Maintains energy production
  • Supports a balanced mood

Adrenal Complex:

  • Adrenal Complex, from Mediherb, contains licorice and Rehmannia, a combination that contains many compounds that combine to:
  • Restores adrenal function to reduce the effects of stress on the body
  • Supports adrenal gland health and energy production to help combat fatigue
  • Help the body adapt to the challenges of everyday life
  • Support a healthy immune system when experiencing occasional stress

It’s menopausenot a STOP.  

Ask Dr. Huntoon how he can assist you with your stress levels, menopausal concerns and return your body back to balance by helping support your adrenal system to stay in balance.  Developing a relationship with your Holistic Chiropractor is the best way to support you through this normal period in life.  Don't let anyone tell you this is a disease and make you feel that you have a problem.  You have an imbalance and with proper guidance you can move through this stage of life without any issues. 

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