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Advanced Alternative Medicine Center

Advanced Alternative Medicine Center

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Medication Recommended

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In this video, Dr. Huntoon discusses what you need to be aware of when your Medical Doctor recommends medication, whether it is prescription or over-the-counter.

Consider clicking on any of the links to your right, listen to our 4 Part radio show on How To Work With Your Doctor or scroll down to read the full article and the 15 questions to ask your doctor when they recommend medication.

If You Are Asked To Take Medication

The Alternative Perspective

Ask ALL of These Questions BEFORE Agreeing to Take The Written Prescription

It is always important to do everything conservatively before beginning any medication.  Appreciate that the mechanism of action with any medication is to alter normal physiology.  Sometimes this may be necessary, and it would be important to understand what the effects of that would be for the whole body and its ability to regulate normal physiology and normal function.  Therefore it would be important to have the following questions answered by your Medical Doctor before beginning any medication, prescription or otherwise.

1.      Will this medication cure my problem or simply mask the symptoms?

2.      How does the medication work?

3.      Is there another way than medication to treat my condition?

4.      What will the medication do for me, both good and bad?

5.      What is the most common side-effect?

6.      What other common side-effects do I need to look for?

7.      What is the follow-up treatment to balance the side-effects?

8.      Will it interfere with the other medications I am currently taking?

9.      Will it affect my ability to concentrate, do my job, eat, sleep, or conduct relations with my spouse?

10.  Do I need to take it with food?

11.  Will it cause me to gain weight?

12.  What happens if I miss a dose?

13.  How long will I be on it?

14.  Are there any problems with stopping the medication once I start it if it doesn’t make me feel good?

15.  If the medication doesn’t work, what is the next course of action?

Be sure to have all of these and any other questions answered before beginning your medication.  Sometimes once you start, you are required to stay on it and live with the side-effects.  Something to strongly consider.

The Medical Perspective

Knowing that all the medical profession can offer is medication and this is their methodology for working with the body, expect to receive a medication if you consult with your medical doctor.  Sometimes advice can be offered that does not require medication, but if a medication is offered, consider all the questions listed above.

Your Solution

Working with a Holistic Chiropractor who can help you develop a plan for preventing dis-ease and promoting ideal health is the best way to avoid the likelihood of being put on a medication.  Strongly consider investing the time and effort to gaining the understanding you need to avoid all medication as long as possible. This is the best option for a long and healthy life.

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