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Advanced Alternative Medicine Center

Advanced Alternative Medicine Center

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In this video, Dr. Huntoon discusses the 4 Causes of ALL Health Concerns, most of which your Medical Doctor will not consider.

Why You Ask?  

Because if these were to be considered, prescription medication would end up being minimized, and surgical intervention would be reduced considerably.

Unfortunately, our Healthcare System is not based in care for health, but more accurately represented by treating symptoms which do not appear until a person has lost greater than 60 % of normal functioning.  

Is That Acceptable To You?

If you would like to use Our Unique Approach to Health and Wellness, and are tired of the Medical Treadmill, contact our office and schedule your Consultation and Examination with Dr. Huntoon.

We look forward to meeting you.


Our Unique Approach to Health

Living in today's fast paced world creates many different stresses on the body.  All of that accumulated stress leads to health concerns.  Having the correct tools to deal with all the different ways the body manifests the effects of that stress is key to restoring health.  The major tool used to assess a person's body is a form of neuro-feedback called Manual Muscle Testing (MMT). 

As a Holistic Chiropractor, I use this as my primary tool for interacting with you and your body.  Having that understanding and the specific tools necessary to deal with each of the following aspects of a persons health picture is important.  If it is not one of the components, it will be another.  The ability to completely address All 7 components are important, and we at Advanced Alternative Medicine Center will not compromise when it comes to dealing with all aspects of a persons unique health picture.

The 7 Pillars of Health

  • Structure: This involves the physical realignment of the bones in your body.  This is done using Chiropractic.  Appreciate that stress causes muscles to pull bones out of their normal position; therefore to improve how your body performs physically requires physical treatment.  Chiropractic is the perfect tool for this component.  This is done manually or using an activator tool.
  • Emotional: This involves identifying and focusing on emotional issues that are impacting how the muscle/organ/gland relationship became out of balance. Restoring emotional harmony to your physical body helps return the body back to health.  Using chiropractic in combination with Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) is the perfect tool for this component.
  • Toxicity: Improper metabolism as a result of improper nutritional intake leads to toxins in the muscles and organs causing dysfunction of the body.  Being exposed to over 86,000 different toxins every week, the average person develops health imbalances due to the accumulative effects of these toxins.  Educating you to understand how to naturally remove toxins using homeopathy and herbal remedies enables the organ/glands to return to health.  We will ask you to consider The Doctor Supervised Detoxification Program if and when this component of your health is compromised.
  • Nutritional: Taking in Completely Refined And Processed (CRAP) foods through our diet, to sustain the body, always leads to dis-ease. Identifying specific dietary deficiencies through evaluation using whole food nutrients, enables the body to return to health.  Whole Food Nutritional Supplements help to fill in the holes in our diet.
  • Allergies: When the body comes in contact with something it doesn't recognize as friendly, it will develop a negative response. Whether this comes from something you are eating, drinking, breathing, touching, or electromagnetic, restoring balance to how the body deals with such a stimulant enables the body to return back to health.  Using chiropractic in combination with Natural Allergy Elimination Techniques are the perfect tools for this component.
  • Physiology: Sometimes due to stress, we can "blow" circuits within the body's bio-computer. This always leads to abnormal functioning within the body. By resetting each of the blown circuits back to its original intention, this allows the body to return to normal functioning.  Using chiropractic in combination with Total Body Modification (TBM) is the perfect tool for this component.
  • Spiritual: Sometimes our journey as a human being is more about what the Soul would choose to experience and is based on the agreements we have made before being born.  When we have a health concern that defies conventional treatments, we have often found the problem to be "Spiritual" in nature.  When this is the case and the person is comfortable with what we offer, we will discuss MetaPhysical Healing as an option.

Which Of The 7 Pillars Will Be Necessary?

Not every one will require all seven components for each health concern. And sometimes a specific problem will require all 7 Pillars to resolve that one component. Being able to establish which techniques are necessary and in what specific order for your return to overall health is important. We do this with full transparency and agreement with you. This approach is what allows your treatment plan to be tailored specific to you for your best health outcomes.

Advanced Alternative Medicine Center is unique in this way.

Do You Deserve This Form of Care? 

We believe you do. 

Will You Choose It? 

Call us at (845)561-2225 if you do.

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