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In this video, Dr. Huntoon discusses the underlying reason for fatigue and what to do when it becomes chronic.

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Having fatigue and learning to live with it is not acceptable and should not be tolerated.

When you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, we are here to change all that.


Fatigue has many potential causes, however what follows are the basic mechanics.  Several organs produce and distribute energy throughout the body.  Understanding the relationship between you and these systems is important when isolating the underlying cause of your fatigue.

1) The Stomach, Spleen/Pancreatic System are responsible for a certain amount of energy production, which begins as food is broken down into nutrients in the Stomach, in part due to the actions of the Spleen/Pancreatic System.  Those nutrients are then sent into the Small Intestines, pass through the intestine wall into the blood stream and travel to the Liver to be cataloged before being distributed to the body.  This process is the basis for creating energy. 

Regardless of how well one eats, lack of Stomach and/or Spleen/Pancreas System function will often lead to fatigue.  Symptoms of indigestion, heartburn or reflux are some of the direct indicators there is a problem within the Stomach, Spleen/Pancreas Systems and should be evaluated by a qualified practitioner.  Addressing the underlying cause of concern is much better than masking the problem with medication.

2) The Lungs may be involved with fatigue; one of the Lungs' functions is to bring oxygen into the body, which travels in the bloodstream to the brain giving energy.  Thus, a lack of Lung function may cause fatigue.  Symptoms of shortness of breath, restricted breathing or air hunger are indications your Lungs are not functioning properly and should be evaluated by a qualified practitioner.  Addressing the underlying cause of concern is much better than masking the problem with medication.

3) The Kidney/Adrenal System (which produces and releases adrenaline) may be depleted by long-term inadequate sleep, excessive mental or emotional stress and/or excessive physical stress, possibly leading to fatigue.  A common sign of this Kidney/Adrenal System dysfunction would be getting "dizzy or light headed" when getting up "too quickly."  Although this is common for many, it is not normal and is anything but healthy.  Having this evaluated to determine the specific cause is the best thing you can do to determine what is causing your fatigue.  Addressing the underlying cause of your concern is much better than masking the problem with medication.

4) The Heart (which is responsible for driving oxygen-laden blood throughout the body) may malfunction, leading to reduced oxygen in the brain, thus causing fatigue.  Symptoms of Heart imbalances are things like an irregular heart beats (often experienced after meals), fast or slow heart rate.  If these are a concern for you, addressing the underlying cause of your concern is much better than masking the problem with medication.

As you can see with this particular health imbalance, there is an underlying cause.  Most times it is due to multiple factors.  The key to success in treating the underlying cause of fatigue is to address the underlying issue(s) described above and to eliminate the problem over the long term.  To speed up results, it is suggested you increase your protein in ratio to carbohydrates at every meal and minimally reduce or eliminate the intake of caffeine, deep-fried foods, dairy, sugar, preservatives in food, chemicals in food and municipal tap water (which most often contain chlorine and fluoride, considered by many as dangerous chemicals). 

Your Solution

The Alternative Perspective

Working with a qualified healthcare practitioner who can help you develop a well rounded, multi-faceted approach to addressing all your contributors to your fatigue is important.  Failing to address this concern at the earliest time possible is the best way to creating bigger health concerns.  It is not normal to have fatigue and it is certainly not accurate to develop it as you age.  Many people have it, and that does not make it normal.  If you would like help with your fatigue, please consider what is below.

Working with a Holistic Chiropractor allows you to look at your body from several different perspectives.  Your Holistic Chiropractor can help you determine if the fatigue is related to emotional imbalances, toxicity imbalances, nutritional imbalances, allergic imbalances, structural imbalances and/or physiological imbalances. Taking an accurate history and doing a fully functional examination will allow both of you to shed some light on the underlying causes of your fatigue.  Then you can implement a proper program to eliminate your fatigue once and for all.  

People have also benefited from working with an acupuncturist, Homeopath or Naturopath.

The Medical Perspective

Medicines Two Choices for You

Schedule a doctor's visit 

Call for an appointment with your doctor if your fatigue has persisted for two or more weeks despite making an effort to rest, reduce stress, choose a healthy diet and drink plenty of fluids.

Seek immediate medical attention 

Get someone to take you to an emergency room or urgent care if fatigue is accompanied by:

  • Abnormal bleeding, including bleeding from your rectum or vomiting blood
  • Severe abdominal, pelvic or back pain
  • Severe headache

Call 911 or your local emergency medical service 

Get emergency help if your fatigue is related to a mental health problem and your symptoms also include:

  • Thoughts of harming yourself or of suicide
  • Concern that you may harm someone else

Also get emergency care if your fatigue is accompanied by any of the following:

  • Chest pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Irregular or fast heartbeat
  • Feeling that you might pass out


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