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Advanced Alternative Medicine Center

Advanced Alternative Medicine Center

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In this video, Dr. Huntoon discusses symptoms and answers the most important question,

"Are symptoms ever normal?"

The answer is NO! Appreciate that having a symptom indicates that your nervous system is communicating with your body at only 40 % or LESS.  Is it acceptable to you to be functioning at less than 40 % of what you are capable?  Only you know the answer to that question.

When you are tired of dealing with managing symptoms and "kicking the can down the road," we are ready to help you.  Have a Consultation and Examination with Dr. Huntoon and get back on the path to health and wellness and never worry about your symptoms again.

We look forward to serving you.

The Value of an Examination at Advanced Alternative Medicine Center

When you come to Advanced Alternative Medicine Center as a New Practice Member you will immediately appreciate that we do things differently than conventional medical doctors and even most traditional chiropractic offices.  And that is because we have a fundamental difference regarding how we look at health.


Medicine: Traditional Allopathic Doctors look at the body using specific criteria obtained from running various tests from blood work, cultures, x-rays, MRI, CT Scan, Ultrasound, EMG, NCV, EKG, PET Scan, Thermography, biopsy, etc.  And the results of those tests help the doctor understand what is wrong versus what is right compared to what is considered “normal.”  And if a test comes back “abnormal,” they will recommend treatment designed to address the symptom of the problem by prescribing medications, therapy or surgery.  This will address what a person is feeling, which may be all that the person with the problem is interested in.  Unfortunately, what is given little to no attention are the potential for side-effects from the medication or surgery.  And if therapy is recommended, what if the therapy doesn’t address the underlying cause?  Will the person ever truly get well?  With this form of care, the person with the problem is never in control of their condition.  You will always be treating your symptoms.  Is that ideal?

Traditional Chiropractic: Similar to Allopathic Medicine, traditional chiropractors will usually take x-rays, MRI or CT Scans to see if there are any pathologic conditions and or misaligned vertebrae (the bones of your spine) in an effort to determine if there is nerve interference creating the basis for your health concern.  They may also order blood tests or send you for other testing like the Allopathic Doctors in an effort to determine if there are any pathologic conditions that would warrant making a referral to an Allopathic Doctor.  Treatment of the misaligned vertebrae is the appropriate care and this could take a while, if the underlying cause of the misalignment is never addressed.  More and more chiropractors are beginning to address life-style factors in an effort to minimize the misalignments and will coach their patients to make changes with exercise and stress management.


At Advanced Alternative Medicine Center, Dr. Huntoon will also do everything mentioned above, if necessary, because that is the “standards of care” that are required when practicing.  We strongly feel it is important to not order any tests that are unnecessary.  This keeps a person’s health expenses at a minimum

What makes Advanced Alternative Medicine Center different is we will also look for changes in your body’s electrical system utilizing Manual Muscle Testing.  We look at the body from 7 Different Perspectives in an effort to determine the underlying cause(s) of a person’s condition.  This is called Holistic Chiropractic and allows Dr. Huntoon to help you understand what ALL the components are that contribute to your problem.  Once this information is discovered, this then puts the Practice Member in control of changing their condition.  When you can give back control to the person with the problem, everyone wins.

So now the question you may choose to consider is, What Is The Value Of Your Health?

Would you like to correct the UNDERLYING CAUSE of your condition and change what is contributing to your condition? 


Would you like to TREAT YOUR SYMPTOMS ONLY and never really take back control of your health, while going for care or taking medications for the rest of your life or until you need surgery?

Other questions to consider:

  •          Is My Health At The Level It Should Be?
  •          Are  My Spouse/Children Happy With My Current Level Of Health?
  •          Am I Aging Faster Then I Should, OR Do I Feel My Age/What I Think I Should Feel Like?
  •          Do I Have A Health Plan OR Am I Just Coasting Along Hoping I Do Not Get Sick?
  •          What Is My Health Worth?

If you currently have a health concern and/or are not happy with your current state of health, how you are aging and do not have a plan to maintain your health, ONLY YOU can change that. 

Take the time to come have a full health evaluation. 

Allow me to help you take care of yourself if you feel your health is worth it.  And appreciate, “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results IS INSANE!”  

Medication that masks symptoms that you take for the rest of your life is INSANE!! Don’t be that way.  Let me help you.

When Your Health Matters

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