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In this video, Dr. Huntoon explains Manual Muscle Testing and how it works. He goes through the method and the physics behind how muscle testing works in an effort to help you appreciate the value of this tool.

Watch the video and contact Dr. Huntoon to arrange for your one-on-one experience of Manual Muscle Testing.  

It is the first step to you taking back control of your own health.

For more information, scroll down and read the full article.

Listen to our radio show on Manual Muscle Testing and here some of the real life results achieved using this incredible tool.

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Why Use Manual Muscle Testing For Your Healthcare Needs?           Radio Show on Manual Muscle Testing

What if there was a way that you could know, with greater than reasonable certainty, what your body is attempting to tell you through your symptoms? Do you want to know what your body is telling you?

Of course you do, which is why you are seeking help for your symptoms.

By having such information available to you, you could then make the best decision possible regarding what is your ideal course of action to satisfy your body's asking.

  • Would you be interested in knowing that information?
  • Would you want to know what this method is?
  • If you could read about it in any of several different books by several different authors, would that interest you?

I ask the questions because there is such a tool and there are several different authors (Dr. David R. Hawkins Power vs. Force; Donna Eden Energy Medicine and the bible and originator Dr. George J. Goodheart Jr. as written by David S. Walther for practitioners, Applied Kinesiology; all of which are available through www.Amazon.com who have written about the tool of Manual Muscle Testing. And there are several thousands of practitioners all over the world who use the tool in their office on a regular basis with great success.

In fact, it is the primary tool I use in my office for the past 30 years and the tool in which I will be using to assist you in understanding what your body has been saying to you if you allow me the opportunity. If so, I will evaluate your body and then help you to translate the language of your "signs and symptoms." Then you can know with great certainty what your body is asking for in an effort to regain balance and regain your health.

That tool I use is called Manual Muscle Testing (MMT) and requires some basic understanding in an effort to explain how it works, and more importantly, why it is the most effective tool in which to access your body's hidden language; the language of your "signs and symptoms."

Our Energy Field

I am sure you are aware that your body is full of energy. And you may be wishing you had more than you currently do, and yet the field of energy our body generates can be measured. There is a special photographic technique called Kirlian Photography where the field of energy can be seen on film. The field of energy I am discussing here, you may already be thinking yourself, is called the Aura, or your Auric Field. Some people are even gifted enough to be able to see the Auric Field. I am not one of them yet ;-)

To give you some basic understanding of this field that can be measured and certainly photographed; the field of energy we all emanate from our body flows in a circle, that flows up in back and down in front. And each side of the field has a specific polarity or charge associated with it. The back half of the body gives off a negative charge or energy. This is why you feel negative when someone you care about turns their back on you. You literally are being given negative energy. The front half of the body is just the opposite. It gives off a positive charge or energy. After all, this is how we face the world and engage in our environment.

Also appreciate that every item outside of us also gives off energy and has a field of energy associated with it.  And when we come in contact, or even close proximity to an object, substance or even a person, the energy we are is now different due to the combining of energies.  The response the body has, which most would call a reaction if it is expressed through a "sign or symptom," is the information we need to comprehend if we are going to use this tool to our advantage.

Protons, Neutrons and Electrons: What Do They Matter? 

Consider the fact that if you break down all physical matter to its smallest part, you get the basic atom. You may remember from the Periodic Table of Elements from Chemistry Class that each element is separated from all the others based upon the number of electrons it carries. For example, a Helium atom contains one electron, while a Hydrogen atom contains two; an Oxygen atom contains four and a Carbon atom contains eight electrons. And when you combine more than one atom together, you get a molecule. For instance, if you combine one Oxygen atom with two Hydrogen atoms, you get a completely new result called a molecule of, in this case a molecule of water. And when you combine molecules together, you then get physical matter. Therefore, appreciate that all physical matter, including you, are made up of energy comprised of many different electrons which become the sum total of energy in physical form. Therefore, we and everything around us is energy, and we exist in a sea of energy.

Consider this: Have you ever met someone for the first time and you felt like you already knew them? Like a long lost relative, even though they are a stranger to you?

Similarly, have you ever met someone for the first time and known in your heart of hearts that you were not going to get along with that person? Not because they were a bad person, simply because you felt something about them was disagreeable to you.

Both are examples of how energy comes together. It will either be Synergistic (feels really good) or Antagonistic (doesn't feel good). One feels balanced and the other feels off. Know that your body and its 5 main senses are designed to interpret the difference between balanced and unbalanced. And the interpretation is never wrong. Thinking back, when you've had a "Gut instinct" that something was wrong, were you always correct?

All of this information is processed and interpreted through our Nervous System into our brain while being gathered through our 5 main senses: Sight, Sound, Touch, Taste and Smell. And for the past several hundred thousand years or more, we have been conditioned to rely on our 5 main senses for survival purposes.  And it is through these 5 main senses we are able to negotiate life. Therefore, if I wanted to access your Nervous System and brain, which can be thought of as your main computer system, I could do it through your 5 main senses.

How Does Manual Muscle Testing Work?

Another piece of information needed for understanding is how Manual Muscle Testing works to interface with your Nervous System. We do this by asking you to hold a particular muscle strong against the pressure applied by my hand. The muscle most often used, and could be any muscle, is the shoulder muscle known as the deltoid.

To do this, we have you hold your arm out at 90 degrees to your front or side with your elbow locked and your palm facing down. Gradual Pressure will be applied by my hand to the back of your wrist towards the ground while you are asked to "Match my pressure."  It doesn't need to be a large amount of pressure, as this is not a test of strength. What we are looking to see is does the muscle lock when pressure is applied to the upper wrist area.

Said differently, does the stimulus of pressure on your wrist area being applied, does that send a signal to your brain through the nerves in your arm and have that signal get interpreted properly by your brain in the sensory portion of the brain?  Next, does the brain send a response signal to the motor portion of your brain, causing the motor portion to respond by sending a signal to your muscle resulting in a contraction against the pressure?  If this is true, the deltiod muscle will remain strong. This should always be true, unless there is a problem in that specific muscle or within your Nervous System.  This would be a "Regulation" problem and there is a reason for that which would need to be corrected before being able to use Manual Muscle Testing to help the body.

Since most people who come to the office have not previously been diagnosed with an organic brain or Nervous System disease, using this tool to check the communication to and from your brain is a viable way to check function within the body.

Body Reflex Points

The final piece of the equation needing explanation is the ability to ask the body direct questions. When I say "direct questions," I refer to the ability to touch a certain point, area or section of your body, A Body Reflex Point, and have the Manual Muscle Test respond with either strength or weakness. How this is explained is as follows:

When the energy of your body is balanced, all "normal" communication is taking place and the body is properly Regulating.  Regulation is normal.

Next I will use my finger tips of my other hand (the first hand is doing the Muscle Testing on the outstretched arm) and connect with a body point (area or section) by touching it with my fingers and then testing your outstretched arm for strength. And we will see one of two responses:

  • A balanced response will result in a strong muscle.
  • An unbalanced response will result in a weak muscle.

This is possible because a circuit of energy is created between my fingers touching the point (area or section) which is interpreted by your body through your senses to the brain, where the brain checks for a balanced vs. an unbalanced response.  The brain then sends a signal to the muscle for the appropriate response; meaning strong if balanced and weak if unbalanced. The circuit created with my body from my finger tips through my nervous system to my other arm testing your muscle allows for the communication to take place within your body as interpreted by your brain and Nervous System. It is a closed circuit of communication. Again, if it is balanced, it will test strong. If it is unbalanced, it will test weak.

How Do We Proceed?

At this point, it becomes a matter of asking your body different questions using the Manual Muscle Testing and touching the area or areas of symptoms or discomfort and seeing if the body tests weak (a weak muscle response).  Any area or symptom that results with a weakness indicates a problem, what you may already have known. Then it simply becomes a matter of finding what it will require to return the unbalanced or weakness within the body back to balanced and strength.

Getting To The Underlying Cause(s)

Possible causes for weakness within the body stem from any of the Seven main classifications or what I call The 7 Pillars of Health:

  • Emotional Imbalances,
  • Toxicity Imbalances,
  • Nutritional Deficiencies,
  • Allergy Responses,
  • Structural Imbalances
  • Physiological Imbalances
  • Spiritual Imbalances.

Each one individually or combined with any of the others (perhaps all 7) can cause weakness in a muscle test as a result of the imbalance(s) within your body.

Knowing how to ask and interpret the response your body gives is what makes Manual Muscle Testing such a vital tool. By applying it to all the various classifications, this is what makes it such an important technique for asking your body questions.

The Accuracy of Your Nervous System

Please appreciate that the Nervous System has no ability to lie. It simply responds to the stimulus it is receiving. If a balanced response, the muscle will test strong. If an unbalanced response, meaning there is a problem, it will always test weak.

What's important to realize is you may have weaknesses you are not aware of. After all, you have to lose a minimum of 60 % of your normal functioning before you will have a symptom. And if you have only lost 50 %, your Nervous System is handling the problem and does not need outside support by creating a symptom. 

Therefore, having your evaluation here at the Advanced Alternative Medicine Center allows us to find imbalances you may have that are not currently producing symptoms. This is because an Efficient Practitioner who is proficient at Manual Muscle Testing can pick up on any area of your body that has lost as little as 2 % function. Compare that to the Medical Profession which waits for greater than 60 % loss before rendering treatment, and you have available to you a valuable tool for helping to prevent problems from occurring and maintain your highest level of functioning.

Dr. Huntoon's Promise To You

I will go over all of this information with you step by step to give you the clarity and certainty you need so you can become more confident in the methods of discovering what your body has been trying to tell you though your signs and symptoms.  And please feel free to ask whatever questions you may have during the demonstration or any time after. Your certainty is the difference between being sick and becoming well.

If you would like to learn how to develop your own skill in Manual Muscle Testing, or have a family member learn, please ask Dr. Huntoon to teach you simple skills you can develop over time to begin taking better control of your life and your health.

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