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Advanced Alternative Medicine Center

Advanced Alternative Medicine Center

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In this video, Dr. Huntoon answers one of the most common questions he fields in the course of his practice.  The question is, "Do you accept my insurance?"  That is a valid question, and yet the question you need to consider when making health choices is, "Do I want what is in my best interest, or do I want to accept what is in my health insurance companies best interest?"

Considering that your health is your most important asset, taking care of it and making it your biggest priority is the most important thing you can do for yourself.  And when you are well, life is better, you are happier, and your loved ones will be happier with you and for you.

If you have any questions, sitting down and consulting with Dr. Huntoon will help you gain control of your health once and for all.

Why Choose Advanced Alternative Medicine Center for All Your Health Care Needs?

Many people today are disenchanted with our healthcare system designed to generate money for the insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies and leave the patient suffering from their concern after lots of testing and procedures and no real solution other than a new prescription.  People are also upset by the amount of time they need to wait to be seen, either at an appointment or simply getting an appointment, because of the overbooking and the herding of people through the doctor's office.  And when they do finally get seen, it is for 5 minutes or less with lots of questions from the doctor and no real answers for the patient.  Many times people are left feeling angry due to being treated like a number or someone who is unimportant. 

Here at Advanced Alternative Medicine Center, Dr. Huntoon will never overbook your time and all patients are seen at their scheduled appointment time or within 5 minutes of their scheduled appointment time.

If this is important for you and you are ready to find answers to your health concerns, instead of "popping" another pill or scheduling some other appointments with the next "specialist" to help you on the "treatment treadmill," then call Advanced Alternative Medicine Center and schedule you Initial Consultation and Examination.

When picking your doctor, it is important to consider the answers to a few, very specific questions.

  1. Is the doctor focused on creating a positive, healthy outcome for my overall health, or am I just another patient who needs treatment?
  2. Will the doctor educate me on how to take complete ownership of my health conditions, so I can be rid of my concern once and for all; or do I simply come to the office for the same treatment each visit?
  3. Does the office feel like a place I can go relax and refresh?
  4. Does the doctor and staff listen to and hear my concerns before addressing them, or does everyone get the same care?

The answers to those questions and their importance will help you to appreciate the level of responsibility both you and the doctor are taking regarding your unwanted health condition.  Having an unwanted health condition is all too common these days.  What one does to truly understand and overcome their health condition is altogether different.  In today's world of built in obsolescence, it is far too common to settle for simply being symptom free.  If you don't feel bad, or have a specific pain, that seems to be "good enough."  Many are O.K. with running out and getting a new solution for their old problem.  The media will try to make you believe that simply getting rid of your symptom, how you feel, is an acceptable health practice. 

Fortunately, more and more people are coming to appreciate that their lives are about far more then simply being caused not to feel.  They choose to take control by taking their lives back and experience positive health outcomes.  They choose to take full ownership of their body.  They will do whatever is necessary to enable themselves to enjoy their lives.  And they desire to feel alive while living their lives.  Clicking on Our Unique Approach  is important when considering your specific Health Care Needs.

If this is important to you, then Advanced Alternative Medicine Center is the right office for you. Know that Dr. Huntoon is committed to helping you get to that level of function and ownership of your body. You and Dr. Huntoon will take the time to come up with specific answers to all your current and unique health concerns, and then he will outline and explain your exact course of treatment specific to getting you well and back to ideal health. Dr. Huntoon will empower you through education to take full ownership of your body and your life. That is why you should choose Advanced Alternative Medicine CenterServing All Your Health Care Needs... Naturally!!!

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