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Advanced Alternative Medicine Center

Advanced Alternative Medicine Center

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Please watch

Our Evaluation Video

to learn more about

How We Will Determine Your Health Imbalances


This will answer many of your questions to get you ready for your Examination with Dr. Huntoon

Your Examination with Dr. Huntoon

The importance of your time with Dr. Huntoon can not be underestimated.  And since it is Your Time, Dr. Huntoon will respect it and answer all your questions until you have no more before proceeding.  So we encourage you to bring ALL your questions and have an open mind to the answers.

This is your opportunity to discover ALL your health-related challenges and what is The Cause behind them.  

It is your opportunity to go through your body using a form of neuro-feedback called Manual Muscle Testing.  

In using this tool, together we will evaluate the Top 75 Major Reflex Points within the body designed to identify where you have weakness and energy drains within your body and systems.

Then we will isolate and identify the contributors to these imbalances by looking at each to determine if they are related to any of the 7 Pillars of Health:

Once we understand these relationships, we can begin to formulate a plan of action to address all of your imbalances in a very specific order unique to you as a person.  

Please appreciate that No Two People have the same health imbalances, even if they possess similar symptoms.  And by suppressing your symptoms with harmful and toxic medication will never allow your body to return to balance on its own.

Does knowing what your specific health imbalances are, interest you?

Are you ready to make an appointment?

If so, please call the office at (845) 561-2225 and schedule your appointment with Dr. Huntoon

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Advanced Alternative Medicine Center Pooler GA

Advanced Alternative Medicine Center

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