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Advanced Alternative Medicine Center

Advanced Alternative Medicine Center

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ADD/ADHD Medicines and Safety 

The Medical Perspective

The FDA has issued a warning about the risk of drug abuse with amphetamine stimulants. FDA safety advisors are also concerned about the possibility that all amphetamine and methylphenidate stimulants used for ADHD may increase the risk of heart and psychiatric problems.

The FDA has also issued a warning about a connection between antidepressants (including the non-stimulant Strattera) and an increased risk of suicide in adults aged 18-24, especially in the first one or two months of treatment.

While these risks may seem alarming, keep in mind that experts generally consider these medicines safe. Serious problems are rare. Still, you should discuss the risks and benefits of these drugs with your doctor.

Adderall: Amphetamine Stimulant

Before you decide to take an attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder treatment drug, such as Adderall, consider its common side effects including:

• Lack of appetite

• Headache

• Inability to fall asleep and stay asleep

• Dry Mouth

• Abdominal Pain and Discomfort

• Weight Loss

• Restlessness

If you already suffer from gastrointestinal problems, congenital heart defects or thyroid problems, Adderall prescription medication could interfere with your treatment plan for an underlying illness. Not all patients react the same to Adderall, so your doctor will follow you closely with frequent check-ups and routine medical exams.

Hazardous Side Effects

While most patients can tolerate low dosages of Adderall prescription medicine with minimal problems, there are some dangerous or hazardous side effects you should discuss with your doctor before starting a treatment plan. Some hazardous side effects include:

• Dangerous increase in blood pressure

• Tachycardia or a high pulse rate

• Irregular heart rate

• Difficulty breathing

• Chest pain

• Allergic reaction that includes swelling and redness in the eyes or throat

• Migraine headaches

• Syncope or losing consciousness

• Blurry or double vision

• Seizure activity and excessive and uncontrollable shaking

• Extreme nervousness and paranoid delusions

• Mood swings that include hostility and severe aggression

• Depression

High doses of Adderall can specifically target the heart and respiratory system, causing temporary or long-term damage. In some cases, Adderall can cause sudden death or stroke in patients, in particular those who have a heart defect or heart problem. Adderall may also interfere with other medication for an underlying illness or medical condition. Adderall taken for long periods of time throughout childhood and adolescence may stunt growth or weight gain and lead to long term complications related to development.

Adderall acts a central-nervous stimulant. Adderall should be used as a temporary medication to help control symptoms and help regulate brain activity. Long-term use of Adderall as a prescription medication treatment for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder may make symptoms worse and make withdrawal symptoms unbearable. 

Signs of withdrawal include severe depression or dysphoria, irritability, rage, trouble sleeping and an intense craving for the medication. Symptoms of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder may be more severe during the withdrawal phase. Close supervision from a school psychologist or school personal is recommended until symptoms are under control with cognitive or behavioral therapy. 

The Alternative PerspectiveYour Solution

If you are currently taking prescription medication for your symptoms and are interested in building more health and perhaps getting off your medication by addressing the cause of your health concern, please call the office and let us discuss your options.  I will work with your medical doctor to restore your health and reduce or eliminate the need for medication.

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