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December 1, 2020

I appreciate you being here. 


What HAs BECOME The Outcome of Enforced Isolation?

After 9 Months of Social Distancing

I have been told we continue to have two camps of people: the "Mask-Holes" who are the ones not wearing masks in an effort to exert their "free will"; to the "Mask-Bullies" who chastise the "Mask-Holes" for not wearing masks in their presence.   And this is the continued slow simmering of our patience being tried after not having an ability to simply go out and interact without being told which direction we need to walk while in a store or where on the floor is the "stand here" every 6 feet in all stores and even outside the stores.

We were told to avoid celebrating Thanksgiving, as we are not allowed to gather in groups of more than 10 people.  And we were told not to travel in an effort to "contain the spread" as the "numbers" we are being told every day are increasing every day.   

From what I saw, people traveled any way they could and continued to exercise their right to assemble.  I went to New York and treated my practice members, give them each a hug and encouraged them to not give into the hype of the media.  I sat in traffic for several hours while trying to get home on Sunday, 3 days after Thanksgiving, of which I celebrated with my wife and my in-laws at their house.  I do not appear to be any worse for the wear.    

The Growing Trend I See In My Practice

I continue to travel to New York each month to take care of the people who have supported my practice for many years, some greater than 20 years.  I am committed to their health and well-being and am happy to make the trip each month.  I enjoy seeing them, talking with them and learning about what is new in their lives.  And what I have seen since the "pandemic" began is a subtle trend of the number of body reflexes I test and treat each visit increase from month to month. 

As an example, in the Month of May, the average person I saw had 4 reflexes that needed resetting, in addition to the other components of their treatment.  In the Month of June, the number was now 8 reflexes that needed resetting.  In the Month of July, the average person had 12 reflexes that needed resetting.  Everything is trending upward.  When I traveled to New York this past week, I anticipated more than 20 reflexes.  And I was not disappointed.  And it has to do with the effects of "Social Distancing and Social Isolation."  

What I Saw and Continue To See In New York Every Month

After helping people in New York this past week, much to my dismay, what I continue to anticipate was true.  I had many practice members with as many as 25 blown reflexes.  I had one with 28 reflexes needing to be reset.  And to think, I saw them the month before.  The average this past week was 21 reflexes that needed resetting.  This continues to confirm my suspicion. 

People who are living isolated lives, who are staying to themselves and following the "directive" to stay away from others, wear your mask and do not gather in groups of more than 10 people are suffering a weakened constitution and will continue to develop health concerns.  My anticipation if the "quarantine" goes on through the winter is, by next spring, people will have chronic respiratory issues as a result. 

What The Powers That BE are expecting

Dr. Fauci is reporting that he would like everyone to continue with the quarantine through Christmas.  Did I get that?  Cancel Christmas?  It has worked so well up to this point, Why not simply tell us not to interact with anyone ever again?

President Elect Joe Biden has said it will be a long and dark winter.  Why should we expect anything else if that is what we are being told and that is what they are planning for?  Do you think that avoiding activating your Immune System is going to make it work better?  Perhaps they are holding out for the release of the vaccines?   Let's think about that for a minute:

Their contention is (has always been) that by injecting a man-made, foreign entity (virus) even if it is a "reduced strain," behind your Immune System (which is what happens when you get injected with anything; it gets into the body behind the Immune System) in a vaccine, your body is going to miraculously develop heightened Immunity as a result?  I'm sorry, Nature doesn't work that way!

Does ANY of It Make ANY Sense?

Now let's think about this logically.  We have been avoiding natural immunity for 9 months by "quarantining" and "mask-wearing" during the year that has been 2020.  What is the result?  Our Immune System is no longer able to fight things off the way it normally would due to failing to stimulate it the way nature always has.  As a result, sticking everyone with a vaccine needle will end up creating some difficult outcomes and ones that will continue to feed the healthcare system as a result. 

How We Have Failed As A Society

When this first became an issue, way back in December/January, we took the wrong action.  How do I know this?  Because we are still dealing with the inevitable.  EVERYONE NEEDS TO BE EXPOSED TO DEVELOP HERD IMMUNITY.  That's how it works.  I told people that back in February.  

Isolation and quarantining for 9 months does not work.  Yes, the numbers are getting higher.  We are being told this means bad things.  What it actually means is we are "very, very slowly" doing what nature could have done 9 months ago if it was allowed to happen.

What About The Immuno-Compromised?

We needed to isolate them and support them in a logical and direct way.  And we failed to do that.  So here we are.

Your Options

Do you choose to set yourself up for further failure when everything you have been asked to do is never going to help support your natural immune system?  I guess only you can answer that question when given the choice of accepting the vaccine.

Option two is allowing everyone around you who does choose to vaccinate to "protect" themselves and then you don't have to worry about it. 

That is exactly what I will be doing;-)

Therefore, you need to come in and get a treatment  

What you can do actively now is have all your reflexes checked and reset, so your body can function at its highest level possible.  You need to make sure you are taking the appropriate supplements regularly to help keep up your defense mechanisms to continue to deal with this current "new society."   You need to get out daily to go for a walk, a light jog , go cycling or running in an effort to keep your physicality in top shape.  If you can't do those things, then you need to at least have mental stimulation, like doing puzzles, arts and crafts, learn something new.  

Cabin Fever in the Midst of Social Distancing

Believe it or not, this has become the current health concern we ALL need to deal with NOW!  The idle mind creating internal conflict over not having the proper stimulation or freedom to express ourselves to keep it on tract.  This is especially true for the elderly and the unemployed.  It is important for each of us to take time to reach out to those people to see if they are OK, if they need anything, even if it is just to talk.  This will be helpful to their mental health and that will support their physical health.  So do what you can with those who you love and care about.  After all, no one knows how long the world problem is going to be around.   Perhaps next spring?

All the “authorities” have their perspective and everything I hear says they are planning on keeping this "social distancing" thing enforced until next spring, perhaps longer.  And even with the help of scientists, all of it is uncharted territory and we all need to plan for success, not idly sit back and wait for some sort of “bail out.” 

What Happens When One Is Confined For Extended Periods?

The health of the individual has begun to fail.  And I am seeing it every day in my practice when serving my patients. As I stated above, the number of reflexes I see from visit to visit are slowly increasing, which indicated the negative effect on the body as a result of the social distancing.  And this is being seen in the people who are actively taking care of their health.  Can you imagine the people who are not being seen in my office?

For the elderly people, this is more of a concern then it is for the young.  True, we all have access to our devices, our phones, I-pads, tablets, computers, television, NetFlix, etc.; and human beings require interacting with other human beings. 

And what we are beginning to find is we need to connect with others.  We need the physical touch of another (many others) in our lives.  We are social beings by nature and need to be able to reach out and hug each other, shake hands and demonstrate our connectivity.  Yes, group chats, Skype, video conferencing are helpful.  But it does not replace the required social interaction of being face to face.  We all take it for granted. 

What this leads to is psychological and mental health imbalances, which eventually manifest in physical conditions.  This “new” health problem is becoming bigger than and adding to the current Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) affecting many.  What has been recommended by the "powers that be" and the media are more pharmaceuticals for more people, which will only add to the side-effects and the addictions and other costs associated with poorly addressing the resulting imbalances being created.

What Do WE As A Society Need To DO NOW To Prevent This From Happening?

We need to get back to being able to socialize with each other.  We need to physically interact with each other.  We need the physical contact; the hug, the hand-shake, the physical contact.  We need to see each other out in public and we need to socialize openly.  If we cannot find the time to do this, then we need to take the time to call one another; to face-time with one another; e-mail one another.  Facebook actually has some benefits right now, as long as people are using it to stay connected, stay light and share some humor.  If they are sharing doom and gloom, this is the wrong information and will lead to increasing people’s stress.

All of this will help.  But we still need to have the physical interaction.  So here is my advice during Social Isolation. 

If you are cooped up with your family and there are more than 2 of you, or especially if you live alone:

  • Set up time every day to add something new to your interaction. You want to vary things so as not to get into a “Cabin-Fever” situation. 
  • It is OK and actually healthy for you to get outside every day. Get some sun and create the best opportunity to generate some vitamin D.  Vitamin D is the most important vitamin for maintaining proper health.  It supports proper Immune Health, Musculoskeletal Health, Hormonal Health and a sense of well-being.  That is why GOD made it free…you simply have to go outside and expose yourself to this Free Vitamin.
  • Go for a walk in nature, especially where there are plenty of trees and other plants. Trees recycle the air we breathe.  They make more oxygen for all of us.  Getting a fresh batch of that every day, from the source, will be excellent for your health and well-being.  There is a shortage of ventilators for the people with respiratory conditions.  You don’t want to create one for yourself by breathing the same stale air everyday by staying inside. 
  • If you are physically challenged and are confined to a wheel chair or some other restriction, have someone come and take you outside for a spell. It will help you and will help them to get outside.  It will be good for you, both physically and mentally to get outside and see some nature.  Maybe it requires a car ride.  So what!  You have the time; you have the space.

Let’s take advantage of the time to reconnect with yourself, your spirit, your ability to stay grounded and connected to Source Energy.

If you are able to do this for yourself and your loved ones, when the time of “Social Distancing” and “Enforced Quarantine” have passed, you will be much more balanced and mentally prepared to continue on in your life.  There will be new changes that will have been created as a consequence of this Universal Problem we are all facing now. 

Planning for your tomorrow and being proactive is ALWAYS better than waiting for someone to tell you what to do. 

Stay Well, Stay Happy and Stay Compassionate;


Continually Yours to Health, Naturally;


Doc Rick

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