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Advanced Alternative Medicine Center

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In this video, Dr. Huntoon discusses the 4 Causes of ALL Health Concerns and what you should be aware of when making your health choices.  

When you have a health concern, the most important thing you could understand BEFORE beginning care is


Do Not begin care until you have an answer to that very important question.

When you are ready for help, we are here to serve you.  We look forward to it!

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Ask Dr. "Why?"                          Listen To Our Radio Show: Ask Dr. "Why?" 

How many of you reading this article are tired of the lack of true solutions to your health concerns? 

You go to your Medical Doctor, either because your insurance will pay for it OR you believe in the traditional allopathic form of care of having tests done to focus in on your problem, OR you just don't know what else to do? 

You want to understand "Why" you feel the way you do and simply want that feeling to go away.  You want to feel better.  You want to be healthy.  And yet, that never seems to be true for you. 

So you go to your Medical Doctor or perhaps your Nurse Practitioner and get the results of your tests and are then given a prescription medication or two for your pain or symptom and then you go home feeling less than satisfied.  You are left looking at the bottle or two of prescription medication for a condition you do not understand, nor do you feel your Medical Doctor does either. 

So you go to Google, type in the name of your medication to look for side-effects and find the list of side-effects to be worse than the symptoms you went into see your doctor for initially.  Then you look up the name of the condition your Medical Doctor told you they are treating you for and you are not totally convinced this is what you have.  This leads to feeling unhappy, unsatisfied and unsure of what to do.  You do not want your condition and you do not want the side-effects of your prescription medication.  You just want to feel better, feel normal, feel happy.

So Now What? 

Ask Dr. “Why?”

Who is Dr. “Why?”

Dr. “Why?” is a Holistic Healthcare Provider who has spent the past 30 years traveling the globe to learn what the rest of the world does to get well from their health concerns without all the medications and surgeries.  And he has spent the past 30 years applying these teachings and learnings to great success by understanding the reason “Why” someone develops a health challenge.  And more importantly, what needs to be done to remedy the concern.

Dr. “Why?” is a provider who will talk to you in simple terms to help you understand the imbalances you have and why they have manifested in the concern that you are trying to resolve.

Dr. “Why?” is a provider who will help you develop a real plan to support you to return to health and balance.

Dr. “Why?” will help you do this by addressing the CAUSE of your imbalance, thus reducing or eliminating the need for prescription medications and allow your body to do what it was meant to do; express abundant health and well-being.

If you are truly tired of the lack of results and the continuous need for more and more prescription medication, you need to

Ask Dr. “Why?”

Schedule your Consultation with Dr. “Why?” by calling 845-561-2225.  He will help you address the reason "Why?" you have your difficult health concerns.

Why Consult With Dr "WHY?"
Dr. Why Answers Many Questions On Different Conditions For You To Consider

Consider the following articles:

Why Am I Addicted To Sugar?

Why Am I So Tired All The Time?

Why Are Having Symptoms A Major Problem?

Why Do I Get A-Fib (Atrial Fibrillation)?

Why Do I Get Allergies?

Why Do I Get Anxiety?

Why Do I Get Asthma?

Why Do I Get Autoimmune Disease?

Why Do I Get Bladder Infections/UTIs?

Why Do I Get Cervical Dysplasia?

Why Do I Get Constipated?

Why Do I Get Depressed?

Why Do I Get Gallstones?

Why Do I Get Inflammation?

Why Do I Get Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

Why Do I Get Kidney Stones?

Why Do I Get Reflux/Acid Indigestion?

Why Do I Get Seizures?

Why Do I Get Sick?

Why Do I Get Side-Effects?

Why Do I Get Sunburn?

Why Do I Get Vertigo?

Why Do I Get Yeast Infections?

Why Do I Go Out Of Adjustment?

Why Do I Have/Does My Child Have ADD/ADHD?

Why Do I Have Arthritis?

Why Do I Have A Herniated Disc?

Why Do I Have A Hiatal Hernia?

Why Do I Have A Weak Immune System?

Why Do I Have Cancer?

Why Do I Have Chronic Lyme?

Why Do I Have Gout?

Why Do I Have Heart Arrhythmia?

Why Do I Have Heart Disease?

Why Do I Have Heart Palpitations?

Why Do I Have High Blood Pressure/Hypertension?

Why Do I Have High Cholesterol?

Why Do I Have Inflammatory Bowel Disease?

Why Do I Have Leaky Gut Syndrome?

Why Do I Have Osteoporosis?

Why Do I Have Sciatica?

Why Do I Have Skin Problems?

Why Do I Have Trouble Losing Weight?

Why Do I Have Trouble Sleeping?

Why Do I Need To Consider If I Have A Parasite?

Why Do I Need To Consider If I Have Heavy Metals?

Why Do I Suffer From Obesity?

Why Does A Body Break?

Why Does It Take So Long To Heal?

The Medical Perspective

Medicine has its place in Our Healthcare System.  Unfortunately, they can offer symptom masking medications known to have harmful side-effects or surgery.  They really do not offer more than that.  They are the BEST Diagnosticians and their testing methods are top notch. 

Unfortunately, following their recommendations WITHOUT answering the most important question, "WHY?" will only create problems for you.  Treatments oriented to masking symptoms or addressing the result of the problem, without dealing with the CAUSE is a recipe for disaster. 

BEFORE proceeding with any treatment, regardless of it coming from a medical practitioner or any other heath ally, make sure you get a full understanding  of "WHY?"  Only when you understand the mechanism of cause will you be able to fully commit to the care being offered.  Any lack of information or misunderstanding you may have can and will create uncertainty in the results. 

By getting a solid "WHY?" you increase the results you will receive, as you will increase the confidence you have in your provider and the plan of action to get you back to wellness.

Doc Rick's Final Words

Please call (845)561-BACK or (845)561-2225 and set up a time for us to have a Consultation and Evaluation with you or a loved one to discover the many Health Needs you or your loved ones may have.  Let us answer ALL your questions, most importantly, "WHY?" 

You deserve it and are certainly worth it.  Don't you think?

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