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Chronic/Pain Conditions  >>    Cancer and Understanding Its Cause

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In this video, Dr. Huntoon talks about the 4 Causes of ALL Health Concerns.

Living with a diagnosis of Cancer is no way to live.  Unfortunately, having surgery or radiation treatment will NEVER address the true CAUSE of yours.  That's why they need to monitor you for the rest of your life.

Read the article below and learn what needs to be addressed to handle the underlying CAUSE. This is vital for your health and well being.

We are here to find TRUE SOLUTIONS to your health concerns.

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Cancer and Understanding One of Its Causes


I have treated people with the diagnosis of cancer in my office for over 25 years.  And regardless of the type of cancer (over 15 different types), I have found one specific health concern associated with every different type.  In other words, besides having cancer in common, there has also been one underlying component to the cancer that I have seen in every condition.  And I have observed this and noticed the correlation and have continued to develop and test my theory.  Having helped several hundred practice members with a diagnosis of cancer over the past 25 years, every one of them having the same component in my physical findings and confirmed by their laboratory findings, I am finally willing to put this theory out to the public.  And truth be told, it is more than a theory.  Unfortunately, I do not have the same financial resources as BIG PHARMA does and cannot afford to do double blind test studies to confirm my theory.  And with several hundred practice members over the 25 plus years of being in practice, it seems too obvious to me for it not to be something to let the masses know and understand. 

What vs. Why


So much of what goes into “health care” is more about coming up with a “diagnosis” in an effort to know “what” to “treat” and then our “health care” system spends all of its time “treating” that entity we have labeled “disease.”  And we are given the diagnosis or name of a disease, the associated prognosis or a level of expectation as to what will be the outcome of the treatment, and then care begins.   The hope, of course, is you will get better with all the treatment being given.  And we are to understand that the treatment may go on for a long time, perhaps a life time, as is the case with high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol.  And in the case of cancer, many times the patient is asked to come back for periodic check-ups in an effort to see that the condition or disease is still gone or, GOD forbid, it has come back and needs more intervention/treatment. 

What never seems to occur in our current “health care” system is the answer to the most important question, the only true question really.  The real question that needs to be addressed is WHY does one get these “disease states” and what can we do to end the disease in the individual and in our society.  And if we were to answer the question WHY one gets conditions like cancer, heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure, then we could eradicate them from the annuls of society and we can get to doing great things.  Do you realize we spend nearly 25 percent of our countries income treating disease?

I saw a bumper sticker the other day that gave me pause and inspired me to put this information out.  The bumper sticker said “Support the fight against breast cancer.”   I thought to myself, “There’s the real problem.”  We are supporting a “fight” against something, rather than looking for a solution to end the fight. 

So much of my life time, my whole life actually, has occurred when the United States has been at war with some other country, radical group or entity, like terrorism that will never end.  And we elect our government officials to support the country moving in the right direction and part of that has been sold to us under the guise of “Freedom isn’t Free!”  And the news media puts a spin on it every night that we are in a battle with some entity etc. and they report on it.  And they never, ever spend any time focused on a positive story or support the notion of elevating the positives in our society.  Instead they spend all their time keeping us focused on the negatives and the fear of something else is going to happen.  And we instill within all of us this notion we need to fight for our rights, fight for our health and fight for our survival.  And I say we need to end the fight.  And we can end the fight if we stop looking for treatments that can be monetized that have no true healing effect as a result while getting people to pre-pay for the health insurance that has nothing to do with being healthy.  It has everything to do with treating disease and never truly getting to a place called health.  And it needs to stop. 

So I intend to give you some deeper understanding of the relationships I have found to be true in every case of cancer I have been asked to assist with from the practice members who have chosen not to embrace the slash and burn (surgery, radiation and chemotherapy) mentality that is the standard of care when “treating” cancer.



There, I wrote it.  A parasite in the organ or gland the cancer is affecting seems to always be associated with the practice member who comes to me for a solution to their condition.  And when I do my physical examination when looking for the CAUSE of their concern, while addressing the WHY someone has what they have, this continues to prove to be true.  And their lab work, meaning their basic CBC with a differential (the breakdown of what their white blood cells are doing, along with the differentiation of which white blood cells are being affected) always shows the same outcome:  An elevated white blood cell count being above 6.0 with the Monocytes, Eosinophils and the Basophils being above 8, 3 and 1 % respectively.  And sometimes when we are in the early stage of having these health concerns (see below for an understanding of how parasites manifest in different people differently) the numbers can meet part of those four markers being elevated.  Suffice to say, when these numbers are elevated, it tells me the person is dealing with a parasite in their system, and when we go to remedy the issue, it always locates to the area the person is being treated for cancer.  In other words, when the woman who came to me after 2 failed surgeries on her brain to address an astrocytoma, her evaluation in my office showed a positive test for parasites that located to her frontal lobe of her brain.  And when we applied the remedy and she started to get well, she went back to her oncologist, who she had not seen for 7 years after she was told there was nothing more he could do for her, a funny thing happened.  He said to her, “The chemo is finally kicking in after 7 years.” 

For me, that was enough proof of the correlation.  And I have had countless other types of cancer, pre-cancer, post-cancer that still indicate the same relationship: a parasite or parasites in the organ, gland or tissue they are or have been treated for with the traditional methods of chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgical excision.  And it is quite rewarding for both my patient and myself to see them begin getting well and the cancer never returning, when they follow the protocol I have used for the past 27 years.  And it is fascinating to me that I have found this correlation of the cancer and the parasites and the simplicity of the solution. 

And please don’t get me wrong.  The care for the patient does not end there.  Sure, we have addressed the parasite component.  And a person needs to have other health imbalances that existed BEFORE they will acquire a parasite.  And that parasite needs to live within their system for quite some time and have the perfect storm before it devolves into cancer.

Disc Herniations and Other Health Concerns


I have seen several hundred patients that have parasites that do not have cancer.  In fact, every person who has a disc or multiple disc herniations has a parasite that leads to the person’s annulus fibrosus failing and results in  the internal disc material pushing out or bulging into the spinal canal, thus causing severe pain.  And when I address the parasite, the disc can finally start to heal. 

Other common conditions associated with parasites are the digestive conditions of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Diverticulitis, Inflamed Gallbladder, among others.  And the lab results support the parasite condition associated with the medical diagnosis.  And when we treat the parasite and clean up their diet and some of the other challenges associated with medical diagnosis, the condition goes away and stays away.  And the truly sad part is Medicine will tell you there is no cure for any of these conditions.  They all have to be managed for the lifetime of the individual.  And I have proven differently in far too many of these conditions. 

Traditional Medical Treatment Options


Medicine does not look for a CAUSE of this far too common problem.  They feel it is important to address the effect or symptom of this problem.  They make it about the FIGHT!!  And fighting never solves anything.

Their perspective is to order lots of "tests" and "scans" to analyze you blood and the other tissues being effected with the cancer. 

  • They will offer a "biopsy" or multiple biopsies of the irregular tissue in an effort to analyze the cells to develop a "treatment" for the cancer you are told you have. 
  • They will offer surgical procedures in an effort to excise the cancer with the understanding that you may still need other therapies in case the surgery didn't get all of it. 
  • The two main therapies they will recommend are 
  • "radiation therapy," when we know that radiation causes cancer
  • They will offer injecting you with harsh chemicals called "chemotherapy" when we know that putting toxic/hazardous chemicals in a stream or body of water is called pollution; and yet filtering them through your liver and kidneys is called modern medicine.
  • They may also offer you taking more medication for several years going forward before they consider you cancer free. 

And all of this will require periodic check-ups going forward to continue evaluating you with their scans and blood tests in an effort to see if the cancer has or is coming back.   Again, ALL of this is never a guarantee the cancer will be gone, or even if you will survive the treatment.  And yet , they will make a huge sum of money in the process for a no guarantee of success for you.  This is a win for them and a loss for humanity.  

Medicines Two Choices for You

Dr. Huntoon's Alternative Medicine Perspective and Solutions


Your Solution

Dr. Huntoon has helped people overcome this concern for over 27 years.  He always addresses the different components associated with Cancer by looking at the 7 Pillars of Health.  Addressing the diet and the Digestive System Disruptors, along with the Leaky Gut Syndrome has always proven to be effective.  He has helped hundreds of people restore their health and beat their cancer when they have chosen to follow his instructions.  

Working with a Holistic Chiropractor who is well versed in Cancer would be important to consider if you would like to overcome this far too common disease. Please consider the following:

My Offer To You

If you are suffering from a diagnosis of Cancer, regardless of the type, I would be happy to help you determine if you have all the different components I have found in helping others with Cancer for over 25 years.  Simply call the Office and ask Dr. Huntoon to schedule a Consultation and Examination and a review of any testing your Medical Doctors have already done.   

So call the Office at (845)561-BACK (2225) and tell Dr. Huntoon you want to look at your options and are considering natural care.

The good news is? 

None of what we will do for you will eliminate the option of returning to Traditional Cancer Treatment if you feel what we offer is not for you.  You can always go back to Medical treatment and we will even work with you while you follow your Medical Doctor's advice. 

Our intention is to address the CAUSE of your Cancer and not simply treat/fight the disease. 

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