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In this video, Dr. Huntoon discusses digestive issues and what is behind ALL of them.

Having digestive issues and listening to the TV tell you there is nothing you can do COULD NOT be farther from the truth.

Addressing the CAUSE of the Colitis, after proper assessment, will help us understand together what your specific imbalance is, what is causing it, and what needs to be done to address it to full resolution.

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Colitis is a digestive disease where the patient experiences swelling (inflammation) of the large intestine (colon). Colitis may be acute, or chronic depending on if the condition reoccurs. 

Colitis is often diagnosed when the underlying cause of the inflammation in the colon is undetermined or unknown, such as in undiagnosed cases of Crohn’s disease.


Symptoms can include:

  • Abdominal pain and bloating that is constant or comes and goes
  • Bloody stools
  • Chills
  • Constant urge to have a bowel movement
  • Dehydration
  • Diarrhea
  • Fever


Stomach Pains | ColitisColitis can have many different causes, including:

  • Infections, including those caused by a virus, parasite, and food poisoning due to bacteria
  • Inflammatory disorders (ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease)
  • Lack of blood flow (ischemic colitis)
  • Past radiation to the large bowel

    See also:
  • CMV colitis
  • Cryptosporidium enterocolitis
  • Necrotizing enterocolitis
  • Pseudomembranous colitis

Traditional Medical Treatment Options and Diagnosis

Traditional Treatment

This can be treated with Traditional Medical treatments which may include medication and or surgery.

As with any medication or surgery, being aware of the complications and the potential for side-effects is important before agreeing to go forward with this type of care.

Expectations (prognosis)

The prognosis varies with each disease. Each person must be addressed and treated based upon their specific condition and there are no standard, one size fits all treatments. The prognosis when using a well-rounded approach by working with a Holistic Chiropractor results in elimination of the cause and a full recovery depending on the chronic nature of the condition and the amount of damage that has occurred. Even those who have had surgery and portions of their colon removed have been able to recover fully with the help of a Holistic Chiropractor who uses a well-rounded, multifaceted approach to treatment. Strongly consider this type of care to greatly enhance your results and health.


  • Bleeding
  • Hole in the colon
  • Toxic megacolon
  • Sore (ulceration)

Dr. Huntoon's Alternative Medical Treatment Options

IF either of those treatments (medicine or surgery) do not interest you, finding a Holistic Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, Homeopathic or Naturopathic provider is warranted. Treatments with any of these practitioners will be tailored specifically to your unique condition and the underlying cause(s) associated with your condition. Positive results of this form of care will occur if you discuss your expectations and understand fully what your level of commitment is. Resolution to your condition can be achieved.

Dr. Huntoon has a long history of success in treating this condition.  Most times it is due to having a parasite(s) affecting the functioning of the gallbladder.  Other conditions that may be associated with this condition could be disc herniations, headaches, knee pains, and possibly cancer.  Consider having these assessed when choosing to fully resolve this condition. 

5 STAR Review 5 months ago-
"Dr. Huntoon always explains in depth what is going on wrong with your body. I have Crohn's Disease and Dr. Huntoon helped me feel better and got my body back in the norm.  Something the Medical Doctors couldn't do.  If you have any health problems he is the man to see."

Emotions related to the Gallbladder (anger, resentment, pissed off, stubborn, emotional repression, depression, indecision, irrationality, frustration and aggression) need to be properly addressed, along with understanding How You Give Your Power Away.

What to Discuss with Your Doctor

Calling Your Health Care Provider

Call your health care provider if you have symptoms such as:

  • Abdominal pain that does not get better
  • Blood in the stool or stools that look black
  • Diarrhea or vomiting that does not go away
  • Swollen (distended) abdomen

Medicines Two Choices for You

Signs and Tests

The health care provider will perform a physical exam and ask questions about your symptoms, including:

  • How long you have had the symptoms
  • How severe your pain is
  • How often it occurs
  • How long it lasts
  • How often you have diarrhea
  • Whether you have been traveling

Your Medical Provider can diagnose colitis by inserting a flexible tube into the rectum (flexible sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy) and evaluating specific areas of the colon. Biopsies taken during these tests may show changes related to inflammation.

Other studies that can identify colitis include:

  • Abdominal CT scan
  • Abdominal MRI
  • Abdominal x-ray
  • Barium enema


Treatment should be directed at the cause of the disease (infection, inflammation, lack of blood flow, or another cause), NOT simply medicating to suppress your symptoms.

Prevention and Quick Tips

Prevention depends upon the cause of colitis.  Eliminating the potential for re-infection with parasites is important.  See your chosen healthcare provider for your specific condition.

Developing a healthy lifestyle with proper guidance from your Holistic Chiropractor is the best prevention when considering how to approach your health.  Dr. Huntoon has lots of advice for you to consider if you consult with him.  He will address the whole condition, not the symptoms, BUT THE CAUSE of the condition.

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