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Advanced Alternative Medicine Center

Advanced Alternative Medicine Center

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Welcome to Advanced Alternative Medicine Center  

Your leaders in Natural Health Choices for ALL your holistic healthcare needs.

I appreciate you being here. 

I have been waiting for you and I am happy you have shown up and are interested in seeking my help with your health concerns, regardless of your imbalances being of a body, mind or spirit nature.

You have many choices in health care and can choose anyone who resonates with your understanding of what health is and what you would like to do with your health. 

Let me be clear: I am a healer and have devoted my whole life to helping people recover and restore their health using the most advanced natural healing techniques (currently 30) available.  This is my passion and my purpose. 

My mission to support as many people as possible in the most holistic and natural way available to return to them to their GOD Spark and allow them to go forward in their life in a balanced and harmonious way. 

Is this why you are here? 

  • Has a health concern impacted your love and joy for life such that it requires some nurturance and care to help facilitate your journey back to balance? 
  • Do you need some insight for restoring your balance? 
  • Do you need some guidance to direct you back to balance? 
  • Do you require some physical treatments to remove the physical challenges you are currently dealing with? 
  • Do you desire some nutritional, emotional or spiritual guidance? 

Are you more interested in maintaining your health as you get older and want to avoid the other forms of care that require you to take medications or have life altering surgeries in order to continue living in your body? 

Whatever your reason for being here, I trust that GOD has lead you to me because I am the best qualified practitioner to support your quest for better health and can lead you back to harmony within your body, mind and spirit.  That is my promise to you and will honor that when working with you.

What do I require of you?

An open mind and heart to allow me to help you get back in touch with your higher self, before you went out of balance within your life.  If you can be open to a different way; a more natural way of restoring balance to your body, mind and spirit, we can work together to help you achieve that goal. 

This is why I am here and look forward to our time together as you discover and recover aspects of your spirit to allow you to become whole again, body mind and spirit.

Yours to Health, Naturally;


Dr. Richard Huntoon

When Your Health Matters

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Advanced Alternative Medicine Center

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