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In This Video, Dr. Huntoon discusses the 4 Causes of ALL Health Concerns.  Unfortunately, your Medical Doctor will never consider all 4 of these, as that would cause issues with being able to prescribe you medications.  This would ultimately lead to the fall of medicine, which will never happen.

When you want to eliminate 95 % of ALL Your Symptoms, doing nothing else, consider what this article says and get properly hydrated.

We all know the doctors will hook us up to an IV when we are admitted to the hospital. 


Because they know we are dehydrated.  You can change that and we are here to help.

We look forward to serving you.


How Much Water Do You Really Need, and Why?

So many people are walking around functionally dehydrated.  What that means is they are able to function with lots of symptoms and possibly even some signs of health issues and concerns, but it is not so bad that they cannot get out of bed and push through their day.  

AND they do not have enough water in their system to maintain normal functioning of the body. Keep reading and I will have a simple test you can do to determine if you are "functionally dehydrated."

Did you know that the number one symptom people present to the doctor with is not pain or sickness?  Did you know the number one symptom is fatigue?  That’s right, fatigue.  Meaning you do not feel you have the energy you are supposed to have.  You are always tired and do not have the energy to do anything extra than what you normally do.  Someone says, “Hey, do you want to go here and do this?” and your response is, “No, I don’t feel like it.”  And all the while you are thinking, “I just don’t have the energy I feel I should." 

Chances are, if this is you and you do not have the energy you feel you should, or if you are too tired to do anything other than what is absolutely necessary, or if this only occurs every once in a while, chances are very good you are dehydrated.

Dehydration could mean a couple of different things:

  • It could simply mean that you are not consuming the requisite amounts of water on a daily basis. 

This is far too common because of the lack of proper understanding about the importance of water. 

Many have heard the general rule to drink eight - 8 oz. glasses of water a day.  This would be sufficient if you weighed a mere 100 lbs., and did no physical activity during the day.  But since most of us do not weigh 100 lbs., this makes many people dehydrated simply because they were doing what they were told.  And even if you did do your eight - 8 oz. glasses of water a day, you would still be deficient and develop health concerns as a result.

  • The second thing dehydration could mean, especially if you are consuming enough water, would be an imbalance in how your body utilizes water. 

If the body is not using the water appropriately, you will begin to swell.  This could potentially mean you have a hormonal imbalance, and you might notice you don’t sweat as you should.  These are more serious problems, and would require having some kidney function testing done to rule out other more serious pathology.  If the swelling is confined to your legs and ankles, this could mean you have right sided heart issues.  If either of these are circumstances are you, please consult with a trained health care professional to have your Kidneys or Heart properly evaluated.  This is not something to ignore. 

How Much Water Do We Need?

The correct formula for proper amount of water would be to consume 1 quart (approximately 1 liter) of water for every 50 lbs. you weigh, every day. 

Therefore, if you weighed 100 lbs., you would require the eight - 8 oz. glasses (or 2 quarts) as stated.

If you weighed 150 lbs., you would require 12 - 8 oz. glasses a day (3 quarts)

If you weighed 200 lbs., you would need 16 - 8 oz. glasses (or 1 gallon) a day.  

If you can remember 1 pint (16 oz.) for every 25 lbs., you’ll be able to determine what you need between the 50 lb. marks initially given. 

What If I Don't Drink Enough?

Appreciate that if you weigh 150 pounds and drink enough for if you weighed 100 pounds, you would be missing 1 third of what you body requires, every day.  Can you now begin to see what your body has to do to make it function properly?  You’ve been asking your body to do something it doesn’t have the necessary ingredients to do.  And no wonder so many people suffer.  So strongly consider gradually increasing your water intake every day, a little at a time until over a two week period until you get to the required amount based on 1 quart for every 50 lbs. you weigh, every day.

This Is Too Much

Now many people think this is too much for them to drink, and fear they would be running to the bathroom all day.  Initially you might be in the bathroom more often, but after you consistently maintain the proper water amount over a 2 to 3 week period, your body will adjust to the new found volume, and you will return to your normal number of trips to the bathroom on a daily basis. 

The reason for this adjustment period is because your body is a creature of habit.  When you train your body to expect a certain stimulus, in this case water, at a specific rate, it will develop a habit pattern based on the habit.  So initially, when you give the body more than what it is used to, it will void the excess.  And after 2 – 3 weeks of consistency, your body will say, “Oh, since we now have this new amount of water on a consistent basis, we can use it appropriately and do not have to ration it anymore.”

What About Exercising?

You will want to add an additional quart of water for every 30 minutes of high paced physical exercise you participate in.  Activities such as aerobics, cycling, the treadmill or Stairmaster, etc. will all require extra water. 

Lifting weights for 60 minutes would roughly be the equivalent of 30 minutes of aerobic activity.  Please keep that in mind.

So that is it for water, what is the proper amount you want to be consuming, and what happens when you do not. 

What About The Simple Test?

There is an easy test you can do that takes less than 2 seconds and will let you know if you are functionally dehydrated in the moment.  Simply do the following:

Many people when you have your arms at your sides, your blood vessels in your hands are full and you can easily see them.  This is normal.

Now for the test. 

Raise your hand to shoulder level and see if the vessels in your hands disappear.  If they disappear, you are dehydrated.  You need to drink more water and you need to check back with this brief test throughout your day until your vessels stay full and distended.  Then whatever water your body required to get your vessels distended at shoulder level is what you need to drink regularly until they are always distended. 

Is this a scientifically validated test?  No, AND it is a great way to evaluate your levels of hydration. 

So give this a shot and drink more water. 

I like to Drink Other Liquids.  Do They Count?

The natural question I get all the time, "Dr. Rick, I drink coffee, or tea, or other liquids.  Isn’t this the same as drinking water?"

The answer to that is no. 

And the reason for that is as follows:

  • If you drink a liquid that has something in it like a coffee or a tea or even a fruit juice, your body has to digest it.  This means it has to separate the non water portion from the water itself.  This is a digestive process and in order for your body to extract the water from the other ingredients, your body will lose water in the process. 

Therefore, other drinks will lead to and create functional dehydration.  Water is water, and everything else will dehydrate you to one degree or another.  Therefore, drink water at 1 quart for every 50 lbs. you weigh every day, and if you do drink the other liquids, appreciate that you will need more water to offset the potential they create for dehydration. 

Me personally, All I drink is water.

Going Forward in 2019

Water is important for the health of your body and being able to maintain normal function.  Therefore, if you choose to improve your health in 2019, and are focused on re-solving all your health related issues, drinking water is the best thing to incorporate into your plan. 

If you do not currently have a health plan for 2019, call me and we can develop one that will benefit you, for sure.  It would be my pleasure to help you.  AND what I have seen in my practice over the years is those who drink the right amount of water for their body on a consistent basis always seem to have no health concerns.  Something to strongly consider.  I know I do, every day.

The information you just read was taken in part from my book When Your Health Matters: Using Your Body's Natural Rhythms To Restore Your Health, available through the Office.  To order your own copy, which I'd be happy to write a personal dedication to you, please call the Office at (845)561-BACK or 561-2225 and I will make sure you get it.  This Book was originally released in 2010.

When Your Health Matters

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