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In This Video, Dr Huntoon discusses the 4 Causes of ALL Health Concerns and what you need to consider if you are going to avoid Chronic Health concerns and Chronic Kidney Disease.

Appreciate that ALL people are headed for Chronic Kidney Disease IF they are not conscious of what is being done to ALL of us.

Come learn what you are creating by coming to Advanced Alternative Medicine Center and allow us to help you avoid this life-ending condition.  We will evaluate you fully, assess what your current level of kidney function is and help you understand what can be done to restore kidney function BEFORE heading for dialysis.

We look forward to serving you.


In August of 2013, the National Kidney Foundation announced that ALL Americans, across-the-board, have a 60 % chance of developing chronic kidney disease (CKD)!  While the risk of 60 % is the mildest form of the disease, it is 33.6 % for the more serious, 11.5 % for very serious and 3.6 % for end-stage (kidney dialysis, kidney transplant, or death).   These numbers are truly astounding, and worse even than the numbers for diabetes.

You may have early kidney disease now and not even know it.  Instead, you may have other problems that have sluggish or sick kidneys as their underlying cause – like glaucoma, gout, kidney infections, macular degeneration, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, gallbladder disease, liver disease, diabetes, or more.  Unfortunately, most of these conditions will be treated individually as your kidney weakness goes ignored.  And since most of these conditions will be treated with prescription drugs, and since most prescriptions drugs are cleared through the kidneys, your treatment will make your kidneys worse and be more hazardous to you.

The Response Is What?

The folks at the National Kidney Foundation’s answer to the problem is to provide national screening for kidney disease.  Others have said that this is a bad idea because it will ultimately lead to over-diagnosis – converting millions of healthy people unnecessarily into disease patients to be subjected to…you guessed it…more prescription drugs with questionable efficacy.  And with universal screening, there are no small matters of unnecessary anxiety, useless medical investigations, and greatly increased expenses.

As your kidneys weaken (remember, you have a 60 % risk of CKD in your lifetime), your drug prescribing must be adjusted because your kidneys cannot handle the load.  This and any monitoring of your kidneys’ handling of prescription drugs is rarely considered.  Yet, even with mild CKD, the most common drug should be prescribed only with caution.  These include blood pressure drugs, painkillers, antibiotics, diabetes drugs, cholesterol drugs like statins, blood thinners, of course, chemo drugs, and more.  Yet these are the drugs prescribed by the hundreds of millions to the most vulnerable – those over age 60 when your odds of developing CKD dramatically increases.

Do You Drive Your Vehicle for 100,000 Miles On The Same Oil Filter?

Rather than subjecting yourself to kidney disease screening and potential further prescription drug therapy for any CKD discovered, I have a better idea.  How about detoxifying and strengthening your kidneys (and liver) at the same time?  What a concept!  You would never drive your car over 100,000 miles (the equivalent of reaching age 65) on the same oil filter.  Your car would simply sputter, smoke, choke and die.  The same is true for your kidneys.

Instead, do what I do.  I cleanse, detoxify, and fortify my kidneys (and liver every year to prevent CKD, lower my odds of the chronic diseases listed in this article (and all others), and to help ensure that I will not be subjected to medical treatments.  I personally do not want to sputter, choke or just die out because I never cleaned my filter!

 The Way to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

Thank goodness we have wonderful, effective, and simple ways to detoxify your kidneys and liver.  I keep adding in the liver because kidneys and liver always go hand-in-hand.  Thanks to therapeutic foods and extracts whose function is to detoxify your kidneys, anyone can get healthier with kidney detoxification.  The best way is to do a 3 week Doctor Supervised Detoxification Program every year. 

This is a simple eating and supplement program of foods and extracts that will detoxify your kidneys.  It is done with smoothies and correct nutritional concentrates.  The products in the Doctor Supervised Detoxification Program contain juniper berry, red clover flower, collinsonia root, apple pectin, burdock root, barley grass, dandelion leaf, Spanish black radish, milk thistle, grape powder, capsicum powder, fenugreek, artichoke leaf, fennel, beet (betaine) juice powder, tillandsia, carrot, broccoli, kale, vitamin A, C, and E complexes, and much, much more.

I have simple handouts on this program available from my office.  Just e-mail me with Doctor Supervised Detoxification Program in the subject or simply call the office at 845-561-2225.

Even if you don’t want to do the Doctor Supervised Detoxification Program, there are concentrates you can take in supplement form to detoxify your kidneys.  The two paramount products by Standard Process are Renafood and Arginex.  I have lots of experience with these, and there is nothing like these products anywhere in the supplement world.

Arginex is a powerful kidney detoxifier.  A mixture of red beets, tillandsia, and wheat germ are cultured under ideal moisture and temperature and allowed to grow for three days resulting is a velvety gray mold.  The juice extracted and dried from the mold mixture results in Arginex, which is very rich in the enzyme arginase.  Arginase is needed to detoxify arginine, a crystal by-product from proteins that tend to build up and become a toxin in sluggish kidneys.  Arginine buildup alone can cause gout, kidney infections, high blood pressure, or many other conditions.  It is the main cause of CKD.  Arginase is the specific detoxifier of arginine.

Renafood is a double-action product.  It is both a kidney detoxifier as well as a kidney food or rebuilder.  Renafood also contains arginase, but it also contains beef kidney protomorphogen called Renatrophin (the building blocks of kidneys that some people call kidney micro-RNA), as well as extracts from kidney bean pods (kidney food).  So Renafood is definitely a second kidney detoxifier.  But it is also a kidney food.  So the combination of Renafood and Arginex is a protocol that remains unduplicated and unmatched to this day.

A 60 % Chance of Developing Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

You do not have to be in this 60 %.  Early CKD leads to more serious CKD, then to all kinds of chronic diseases and even early death.  There are no medical treatments that address the root cause.  And the drugs used to treat CKD and its long list of other “diseases” caused by it are toxic, primarily treat symptoms, and can make CKD worse.  Why not just clean your filter, as you do for your vehicle?  You will be so much happier for it.  And you will be smarter than most of the folks at the National Kidney Foundation.  

What To Do Next?

If you would like to have a FREE Kidney Health Evaluation here at the office, please call to schedule that during your next regularly scheduled office visit.  We can add the evaluation, which takes only a couple of minutes, to your appointment and determines if there are some functional concerns that would benefit from one or both of the supplements recommended.   Simply call the office at 845-561-BACK (2225) to schedule this appointment. 

Of note, I began my career as a chiropractor as a result of my original practitioner picking this deficiency up when I was 21 years old.  That one visit to him changed my career path and helped me appreciate addressing disease before it becomes full blown.  This is much more rewarding than dealing with life and death every day, which is what I would have experienced had I gone on to become a surgeon as originally planned.   Renafood helped make a huge difference and is a product I continue to take to this day.

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