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In this video, Dr. Huntoon discusses the Number One Way we suppress our Immune System and what you can do to stop that process.

Are You Addicted To Sugar?

Chances are, if you live in the US, you have a sugar addiction and feel disempowered to remedy that addiction.

Truth be told:  It is by design.

And you will never overcome it without understanding the truth!

Come learn that truth to end this concern and Rebuild Your Immune System.


Why Do You Have A Low Functioning Immune System?

Ever wonder why some people, maybe yourself included, get sick more than others?

The answer may lie in the fact that many people have a diminished ability to fight off germs, viruses and other bodily invaders that can lead to such ailments as colds, the flu, certain diseases and many more threats to well-being.

The compromised ability of the body to successfully do battle with threats to our health can often times be traced to what is commonly referred to as low immune system, or a weakness in the body’s natural ability to defend itself against threats to wellness.

A properly functioning Immune System is one of the most important components in staying healthy. When a risk to our health is detected, the Immune System – if it is working to its optimal capabilities – will go into action, responding to a potentially harmful bodily invader as a way of squelching it before we actually develop an illness.

Yet, for people who are dealing with low Immune System and low immunity, the above scenario is not always the case. The result can mean more frequent colds, more susceptibility to flu and the possibility of contracting other, more serious illnesses.

Our Intake Of Sugar

I want to begin by telling you that sugar is not a food.  Nor is it a nutrient that we, as humans, should be consuming in our diet.  Although sugar is available in many of our food preparations, understand that the body responds to sugar the same way it does to a drug.  It creates a chemical, non-natural response within the body.  It is because of this response that you should not consume sugar, most certainly not in the quantities that we do here in the United States.  Appreciate that sugar, as we buy it at the store, was never meant to be introduced into our bodies.  Originally consumed in very small quantities by the wealthy and privileged, it was only after the refining process became inexpensive and the manufacturing process of refined food became so convenient, that sugar became a staple in the American diet.

Only in America will you find the consumption of refined sugar as the driving force behind the sale of processed food.  Other countries consume less than half of what we do here in the United States.  The reason is because it is easy to understand what sugar does to the body.  It's simple physiology.  It effects the chemistry of the brain, similarly to drugs or alcohol.  All the countries of the world understand this, and they have decided to use it sparingly.  The United States, on the other hand, sees the opportunity for selling products, driving the economy and therefor uses it excessively.  And at what cost to you?

How Sugar Affects You 

Since sugar is so addicting, while creating a withdrawal response similar to a drug, manufacturers have chosen to capitalize on that response and continue to manufacture foods high in processed sugar and other refined carbohydrates.  They've even gone as far as creating more highly addictive sugar substitutes that we continue to use, despite the reports that they are unhealthy for human consumption.  And since the positioning of these sugar substitutes claim to have no calories, many consume them with every meal.  As long as our advertisers continue to promote the use of these products, we will continue to consume them. 

Societies Insanity

The insanity that is so pervasive within our society is amazing.  And it is all related to the mind-altering effects of sugar. 

I can't tell you how many parents come to the office and tell me they can't get their children to eat anything unless it is sweet.  And the manufacturers understand this.  They are counting on it.  Because once the child has developed a "sweet tooth," their health will never be the same unless some serious changes take place.  But as mentioned already, since sugar creates the addiction response, one must deal with the withdrawal symptoms if they are ever going to overcome it and become healthy.  This is quite difficult when your child is screaming and crying that they only want the sugar laden foods.  And since the American psyche conditions us to fear going without, we will resist the changes necessary in order to become healthy.  This pleases the manufacturers of foods, along with the pharmaceutical companies.  The solution?  Don't start feeding your children sugar, processed foods or refined, unnatural foods.  

Creating Digestive Concerns and the Destruction of Our Health

In addition to sugar itself being addicting, its consumption sets one up for other unhealthy responses when combined with Antibiotic therapy.  This is because of the response an Antibiotic creates within the body.

Within a healthy Digestive System there exists a specific balance between friendly bacteria, Yeast and another fungus called Candidia.  These are known as your Microbiota and they make up your Microbiome.  All three of these live within the intestinal system and work together to break down and aid in the absorption and assimilation of our food.  The balance between the three components is vital for good health.  Any imbalance in the floral content will lead to maldigestion and create a litany of health problems.  Therefore, it is important to maintain homeostasis and work to correct any tendencies toward this imbalance.

Antibiotics are designed to suppress and destroy unwanted bacteria.  Unfortunately, antibiotics are non-discriminatory.  What this means is not only will they destroy the unwanted bacteria, but they will also eliminate the friendly symbiotic bacteria needed to digest our food.  Without these friendly bacteria, we can not break down our food fully and this impairs our ability to absorb the nutrients our bodies require.  This is a condition known as Leaky Gut Syndrome.  Additional causes for this health depleting condition result from the Digestive System Disruptors.  With the loss of the friendly bacteria, this creates an imbalance within the Intestinal System known as our Microbiota.  This is a condition known as Dysbiosis. 

What This Means To You 

When one takes an Antibiotic for any bacterial infection, yes the infection can clear up.  But without proper instructions on how to restore normal balance to the digestive system, you will create a Systemic Yeast/Candida Imbalance.  How this happens is the Antibiotics destroy the friendly bacteria, creating a void within the intestines.  Unless a person fills the void by replacing the lost bacteria with a good high quality Probiotic Acidophilus supplement, both the Candidia and the Yeast will move in causing disruption of the needed balance.  Then when one adds sugar to the diet, it causes the Yeast and Candidia to grow, promoting more of an imbalance and setting the person up for countless other different health concerns. 

As the Yeast/Candidia grow, they begin to find themselves growing throughout the Digestive System and their effects begin to permeate other areas of the body.  This, over time, will create tiny holes in the digestive tract wall leading to the condition known as Leaky Gut Syndrome.  This is not a good thing for the person.  This syndrome allows for whole undigested proteins to enter into the bloodstream, rather then the properly digested amino acids.  When a foreign protein enters the blood, it prompts an Immune System response where the Immune Cells now attack the undigested proteins.  The Immune response is what we've come to know as food allergies.  The toxins produced from this Immune response then head to the Liver.  If the imbalance remains and the toxins continue to be produced, the accumulation eventually causes your Liver to over-toxify.  This creates the basis for conditions such as Arthritis, vision problems and other inflammatory diseases.  In our Spring newsletter, I will discuss the need for detoxifying your system as a result of this condition.  If this is a huge problem for you now, stop in to the office and I will tell you what your options are to restore balance now.

Some of the other health issues created by this intestinal imbalance can range from

As mentioned earlier, the pharmaceutical companies rely on these imbalances to stay in business.  And it is through their advertisements that they have convinced us that the solution to all of these health concerns is "only a pill away."  Regardless of the side-effects, people would rather take toxic chemicals into their body designed to suppress the Nervous System and their awareness, rather then avoid sugar and get healthy.

How To Know If Your Immune System is Weak and Your Body Temperature

Since the Immune System is attacking the undigested proteins that have leaked into the blood stream, the Immune System is now on high alert.  Unfortunately, the Immune System, which is built from the essential amino acids that are obtained from the proteins we eat, begins to fatigue.  Over time, your natural Immune Response will begin to slow down or not respond at all.  This is something that can be determined by your basal body temperature.   If your temperature is below the 98.6 degrees, your Immune System is weak.  With a weakened Immune System, this sets the body up for further infection, since the Immune System is no longer strong enough to remove the current invaders and prevent other invaders from entering the body.

If you are a person who has a Low Basal Body Temperature, you will not notice when you have an infection.  If, like many senior citizens and younger, their "normal" temperature is somewhere between 96 and 97 degrees.  This is as much a 2 degrees lower than the "normal" 98.6.  If that is the case, they could have a "fever" for them and the medical doctor will register it as normal.  That is why it is important to understand what your Normal Basal Body Temperature is when you feel no symptoms.  Gaining this understanding helps you to know if your Immune System is suppressed and then you can take the appropriate steps to restore your Immune System.

My Offer To You

It's interesting to think that by consuming sugar on a regular basis it can create all of these health issues, but it is true.  If you are concerned about your sugar addiction, or are interested in avoiding the above mentioned health conditions created by digestive imbalances, and likewise are interested in avoiding the litany of medications that await you, contact the office and mention you read this article.  Ask us to schedule you for the Immune System Evaluation.  Schedule an appointment to get checked for any of the above mentioned imbalances.  I will be happy to check you for these imbalances on your next regularly scheduled office appointment for FREE.  This is a $125.00 value.

If you are not currently a practice member, I will be happy to extend to you the same offer.  I will take the time to help you determine if you suffer from a Digestive Yeast/Candidia Imbalance.  So call The Office NOW at (845)561-2225 and mention this one time offer and ask us to put you in.  Tell us you want Immune System  Evaluation.  Take the time to determine if you have this imbalance and suffer from Immune weakness.  And if you need some digestive support to help replace the friendly bacteria you know you are lacking, we make available for purchase the most highly effective natural food supplements designed to replenish the lost, friendly bacteria, as well as removing the excess Yeast and Candidia.  Take action NOW, as your health depends on it.

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