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Chronic/Pain Conditions  >>    Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy RSD

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In this video, Dr. Huntoon discusses the important question to consider,

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Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) Syndrome

RSD is an older term used to describe one form of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).

Both RSD and CRPS are nerve disorders characterized by

  • chronic severe burning pain,
  • pathological changes in bone and skin,
  • excessive sweating,
  • tissue swelling and
  • extreme sensitivity to touch.

RSD is sometimes called Type I CRPS, which is triggered by tissue injury where there is no underlying nerve injury, while Type II CRPS refers to cases where a high-velocity impact (such as a bullet wound) occurred at the site and is clearly associated with nerve injury.

Type II used to be called "causalgia" and was first documented over 100 years ago by doctors concerned about the pain that Civil War veterans suffered even after their wounds had healed.

RSD is unique in that it affects the nerves, skin, muscles, blood vessels and bones all at the same time.



Continuous, intense pain that is out of proportion to the severity of the injury (if an injury occurred) which gets worse, rather than better, over time. It most often affects the arms, legs, hands or feet and is accompanied by:

  • "burning" pain
  • increased skin sensitivity
  • changes in skin temperature: warmer or cooler compared to the opposite extremity
  • changes in skin color: often blotchy, purple, pale or red
  • changes in skin texture: shiny and thin, sometimes excessively sweaty
  • changes in nail and hair growth patterns
  • swelling and stiffness in affected joint
  • motor disability, with decreased ability to move affected body part



RSD has no apparent cause. Initially, the condition was thought to be a malfunctioning of the sympathetic nervous system, but researchers are questioning this theory.

New research indicates that RSD most likely is caused by irritation to the meninges, the protective layer of tissue that surrounds the brain and spinal cord and attach to each spinal nerve as it leaves the cord.

Since it is most often caused by trauma to the extremities, some conditions that can bring RSD about are

  • sprains,
  • fractures,
  • surgery,
  • damage to blood vessels or nerves and
  • certain brain injuries.

This is consistent with Meningeal Compression and can be successfully treated using NRC. Please go to www.nrc.md and watch all the video testimonials to see if you feel this technique can help you.

Traditional Medical Treatment Options and Diagnosis

Physical therapy is a primary component of treatment.

There are also several types of medications that can be used and sometimes elevating the affected extremity may be helpful.

Surgical procedures are used in some cases.

Treatment needs to be individualized and treatment plans often incorporate several of these measures.

Treatment if begun early, ideally within the first three months after symptoms begin, can result in resolution of symptoms in some cases.

Early diagnosis is the key.

If medication does not interest you, consider Your Solution below.

Dr. Huntoon's Alternative Medical Treatment Options


There is a revolutionary new technique that has incredible results, is totally natural, and does not involve any medication. It is called Neurologic Relief Centers Technique (NRCT) and can be found by going to www.nrc.md    Please go to the site and read the information and watch the videos of people who have been successfully treated using NRCT.  Then find a Certified Practitioner by typing in your zip code and select from a list of practitioners closest to you.

To see ONE of Dr. Huntoon's Practice Members who came to him with this debilitating condition, watch this video testimonial.

I Lost More Than 150 lbs

"Hi, my name is Leslie Bollin and I’d like to share with you my success with Dr. Rick and Advanced Alternative Medicine Center. 

When I first came to see Dr. Rick, I was taking 14 different prescription medications which, when at its height was 64 different pills a day.  I was also using a cane to walk and I was unable to drive.  That summer, I was 30 years old and I tipped the scales at 300 pounds.  I was a prisoner in my own body and felt completely lost and almost out of all hope.  I had been diagnosed with a rare but potentially devastating nerve disorder called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy or RSD for short.  I had been told there was no cure for what I have and to brace myself for a life of pain and misery.  I was weak and lethargic and had heart arrhythmia.

Upon my first visit to Dr. Rick, I experienced relief in mere seconds when he used the Neurologic Relief Centers Technique sponsored by the NRC.  With the pain finally gone, I was able to begin to come off all my medication.

The pain had always inhibited me from exercising and I was extremely obese and out of shape.  Dr. Rick provided me with Whole Food Supplements to nourish my body and we discussed proper nutrition and exercise and I began to lose weight and become healthier.  I didn’t have to undergo dangerous, invasive surgery or other medical procedures or have to take toxic medications and deal with their side-effects.

With my determination and the help of Advanced Alternative Medicine Center, I have successfully lost and kept off over 150 pounds.  Now at the age of 33, I am healthier than I have ever been and have a deep understanding of how to care for my body.  I now am proud to say I take no medication and no longer struggle with the daily pain that stopped me from living life.

If you are looking for a change in your life, and I assume you are if you are watching this, I urge you to call Dr. Rick and Advanced Alternative Medicine Center.  Your body will Thank You"

What to Discuss with Your Doctor


From a Medical Perspective, not at this time, but research continues.

Medicines Two Solutions for You

Your Solution


Advances have resulted in some new and effective treatments, such as NRCT. Go to www.nrc.md and read the information and watch the videos of people who have been successfully treated using NRCT. Then find a Certified Practitioner by typing in your zip code and a list of practitioners closest to you will be listed.  

Advanced Alternative Medicine Center has a certified practitioner in the office and would be happy to offer you a FREE Test to see if you can be helped using this technique.  Dr. Huntoon has essentially cured at least one person with RSD and has helped eliminate the symptoms in 3 others. 

Wouldn't you like to know if you too can experience these results? 

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