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Advanced Alternative Medicine Center

Advanced Alternative Medicine Center

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In this video, Dr. Huntoon discusses the 4 Causes of All Health Concerns.  Each one of these causes,

  • Trauma,
  • Toxicity,
  • Nutritional Deficiencies and
  • Undetected Nerve Stress

results in the effects that impact the Nervous System directly leading to the effects you are suffering with in your health condition. 

Unfortunately, your Medical Doctor will never look for this nor consider it as an underlying CAUSE of your health issue. 

Fortunately, we do.

When you are ready to help yourself, we are here to help you.

We look forward to Serving You!

Vertebral Subluxation, Nutrition and the Health of Your Spine

Doc Rick says, "Many a Practice Member has asked over the years about their spine and why it needs to be adjusted. I offer the following information about what can be done to minimize the effects of stress on the spine and how you can help yourself."

Vertebral Subluxation and Nutrition

Many a practice member has asked over the years about their spine and why it needs an adjustment.  I explain to them, like I teach everyone, that STRESS causes the muscles in your body to contract for extended periods of time, often times in an uneven way from left to right, resulting in the pulling on the bones and leading to misalignment of the spine.  Most seem to nod their heads, and I still feel like there is a question.  Yet most don’t ask the natural follow-up question: What can be done to minimize the effects of stress on my spine and how can I help myself? 

Understanding Subluxations

In a healthy spine, the individual segments of the spine, the vertebrae, are carefully “stacked” and aligned so the various nerves from the spinal cord are free to function properly.  A misalignment of one bone in the spine in relation to the next is called a subluxation.  The definition of a "subluxation" is as follows: 

  • A minor misalignment of a segment of the spine (vertebra) causing an irritation to a nerve with a loss of normal function.
  • An interruption of communication from the brain to any cell, tissue or organ in the body 

A subluxation may interfere with the proper nerve function when nerve signals cannot flow freely to and from the brain.  This can result in potentially improper function of a gland, organ, muscle or tissue controlled by those nerves.  The most commonly affected areas include:

  • Spine,
  • Soft Tissue,
  • Muscles, 
  • Nerves, and
  • Joints

Subluxation and Stress

Subluxations and stress, whether physical, chemical, mental, emotional or thermal, go hand in hand. 

  • Repetitive motion, improper lifting, and poor posture can cause physical stress on the spine and nervous system. 
  • Improper dietary intake of completely refined and processed foods, medications and other chemicals in our lives can and do affect the spine and nervous system. 
  • Job stress,
  • financial, or
  • stress in relationships with loved ones also cause mental/emotional stress on the spine and nervous system. 
  • And finally rapid changes in temperature during Winter and Summer months cause the muscles and ligaments to tighten.  

No matter where the stress comes from, it can contribute to the development of subluxation.

Nutrition and Chiropractic

Identifying nutrient challenges is critical because they can affect nerve function and spinal stability.  Proper nutrition, supported with whole food supplements, promotes overall health and provides the human body with the building blocks for tissue repair, helping reestablish proper function in the spine.  Together using high-quality whole food supplements and herbal products support you and your spine throughout your chiropractic care.

Subluxations can go undetected for years, and can affect any system in the body.  Seeing your chiropractor will help ensure that your body is in proper alignment.

  • Joints:  Improper motion or position of spinal bones leading to Difficulty turning, bending. 

Glucosamine Synergy: Supports the body’s natural cartilage, ligament, and bone regeneration function.

Boswelia Complex: Supports healthy joints and circulation; provides antioxidant protection


  • Nerves: Improper spinal function can irritate delicate nerve tissue leading to Numbness, tingling. 

Neuroplex: Supports a healthy central nervous system, especially the brain

Cataplex B: Contains B vitamins; helps to maintain nerve health


  • Muscle: Nerves can misfire, resulting in weak or tight muscles that causes Tension, weakness.

Myo-Plus: Contains naturally occurring CoQ10; supports the healthy functioning of the muscular system

Calcium Lactate/Magnesium Lactate: Supports healthy bone structure and function ; helps facilitate muscle contraction


  • Tissues: Addresses the natural anti-inflammatory response leading to inflammation and tenderness 

Ligaplex II: Feeds the musculoskeletal system and facilitates freedom of movement

Tuna-Omega-3 Oil: Supports a healthy inflammatory response

Gotu Kola Complex: Promotes healthy connective tissue and supports the body’s normal tissue repair process

  • Spine: Calcium deposits form, compromising spinal movement and function leading to Restricted movement.

Calcifood: Helps the body build healthy bone

Ostrophin PMG: Maintains healthy bone function

Cataplex D: Contains vitamin D; helps maintain a healthy level of calcium in the blood

How Chiropractic Helps You!

Chiropractic care is focused primarily on the relationship between the spine and the nervous system, and how that relationship affects your health.  Doctors of Chiropractic can implement a broad range of techniques that aid in restoring proper alignment, motion, and function by removing any interference to the nervous system.  To further support your health, whole food and herbal supplements may be added to your chiropractic care plan to maximize the benefits of your treatment.

My Offer To You

If you have any questions or concerns about supporting your treatment here at the office, please ask me to check you. 

I will be offering a FREE Subluxation Nutrition Check to  determine if any of the  5 areas affected by Subluxation need  support for your body.   This service is normally $125.00,  but during your Initial Examination and Consultation OR Your Re-Evaluation the evaluation for Subluxation will be FREE

Simply call the Office at (845)561-BACK or 561-2225 and tell us you want the Subluxation Nutrition Check and we will do it during your next regularly scheduled office visit. 

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