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In This Video, Dr. Huntoon discusses the 4 Causes of ALL Health Problems and what you need to be aware of if you currently have a health concern OR if you do not choose to have a health concern.

Depression is no laughing matter.  Unfortunately, the only thing medicine will offer is medication known to have harmful side-effects for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!

We offer a way to get to the source of your depression and will help you end it once and for all.

Please watch this video and consider scrolling down to read the full article.

When you have health concerns or questions, we are here to serve you.

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Why Do I Get Depressed?

The Mechanism of Depression:

Depression is a unique cascade of effects whose pattern usually starts in early childhood, and it can develop later in life as a result of these early developed defensive conditioning patterns.  Consider the following and see if this sounds like you or a loved one.

When we are born into this world, the circumstances of our family dynamic will have an influence on us.  We look to our primary care givers (Mom and Dad, assuming we have a whole, functioning 2 parent support system) for the love, support and guidance for how to live, survive and thrive in this world.  They supply us with our food, our shelter and our love in ways that feel comfortable or in ways that do not.  As a result, we develop a “reactive” way of dealing with what we perceive as being needed for our survival.  We mimic the behaviors we see and learn a reactive pattern that stresses our sense of self, while trying to survive.  This begins the following cascade:

When we need something and do not know how to get it, as any newborn experiences, we begin to have our Small Intestine and Heart Meridians stressed.  These involve the emotions associated with feeling Lost or Vulnerable and possibly feeling Abandoned or Deserted.  Imagine laying in your bassinet looking for food, needing to be changed, frightened of being alone, even if just for a minute.  These emotions will begin to creep into our consciousness creating the stress on our Small Intestine/Heart Meridians, as these two organs primarily store these emotions. 

Consequently, it will begin to affect our self-esteem and the related emotions of feeling nervous, stifled, despair, lack of control over events, living through others, etc.  This stress will create imbalances within the Stomach/Spleen/Pancreas Meridians where these emotions are stored.  It will also begin to influence the relationship within these 3 meridians that ultimately control our sense of taste.

The Sense of Taste involves 5 different sensations: Sour, Bitter, Pungent, Salty and Sweet. And 80 percent of our taste buds have an affinity for sweet tasting foods and drinks.  So when a person is stressed, related to their self-esteem, they will have the tendency to reach for something sweet, in an effort to satiate their feelings of being vulnerable (small intestine) and the not knowing how to proceed correctly, as programmed into us at a very young age when trying to “fit in” and do what is “right” according to our source of love and support (our parents). 

And this will grow into wanting to do what is “right” and “correct” according to the next group of authorities we deal with, our teachers, our clergy, our government, etc.  Consequently, we begin to "give our power away" to please others and do what is considered “acceptable” in an effort to get the love we feel we need.  Over time, we can develop an unconscious defense mechanism that causes us to act in ways that reward us, positively or negatively (negative attention is better than no attention), based on how we feel we fit in or do not fit in. 

As a result of these feelings, we will begin to reach for foods and liquids that satisfy the taste of sweetness we are craving.  This is the main reason why we are addicted to high carbohydrate type foods and have such a high incidence of Type II Diabetes.  And we need to appreciate that the adult form of sugar is called alcohol.  This is the foundational reason for addictive behavior.  It starts with sugar and graduates to alcohol, foods and drugs etc. going forward. 

This Lack of Control Over Events causes the Liver/Gallbladder Meridians to now become involved in the cascade.  As one reacts to their circumstances in the moment it stresses the Liver/Gallbladder Meridians.  The 10 Negative Emotional Reactions associated with the Liver/Gallbladder Meridians are those of

  • Anger,
  • Resentment,
  • Galled (pissed off),
  • Stubborn,
  • Emotional Repression,
  • Depression,
  • Indecision,
  • Irrationality,
  • Frustration and
  • Aggression

The first of these emotions: Anger, Resentment, Galled, Stubbornness, Frustration and Aggression are usually expressed in our outward behavior.  By doing this, we are maintaining control of how we feel by expressing these feelings.  This is a healthy response. 

Unfortunately, many times we express these feelings in a negative way through violence or destruction.  We may yell or show our anger through our actions.  This, when used in a positive way through positive actions, returns balance to the individual.  Exercise or other physical activities are a great outlet for these emotional feelings.  Building something, writing something or creating something are other positive ways of channeling these energies.

Regrettably, forcefully expressing the emotions you are feeling may offend others.  When we have received enough negative feedback from our parents and others over time, this will cause us to begin to trap these feelings leading to the Emotional Repression (holding your feelings in), Indecision, Irrationality, and ultimately Depression. 

These are the natural result of not wanting to upset others in our lives by acting out.  So we begin to swallow those feelings (think emotional repression) and create stress in our Liver/Gallbladder meridians.  This causes us to withdraw from life and we are given the label of being “Depressed” if we are to seek the help of the Medical System. 

Once given the label/diagnosis, the focus will become on “treating” and masking the condition using medications. Ultimately this will create more stress on the Liver/Gallbladder Meridians, as the medications will suppress the feelings and cause the Liver/Gallbladder Meridian System to become stressed and suppressed.  It will also cause these two organs to work harder to process the medication being used to “help.”  It becomes a vicious cycle. 

Please know that using medication may be appropriate for the immediate short-term crisis.  It should not be used long-term, as this will create other negative effects like Arthritis, vision problems, muscle spasms and weakness and other inflammatory conditions

Your Solution

Addressing the whole negative cascade that has manifested in feeling depressed by using NeuroEmotional Technique (NET) or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) will go a long way towards releasing the trapped emotions and giving you your power back.  Feeding your Liver/Gallbladder Meridians proper foods and using Whole Food Supplementation to support their return to normal function is vital for full resolution of the depression.  Supporting the Stomach/Spleen/Pancreas Meridians as well is vital to return a high self-esteem to the individual and empower them.  Finally, giving people permission to be their true self by setting the example of being your true, your authentic self, will help the individual and ultimately our society, as this will remedy the foundational reason for starting the cascade to begin with, thus the cause of the depression will have been eliminated once and for all. 

This is what every human being should be allowed to do, as having and expressing our natural tendencies to be balanced and empowered is the right of all human beings.  AND if you have never been taught how to do that, you will most likely find yourself in the position of feeling powerless at different times in your life.  Read the following article on Do You Give Your Power Away?

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