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Trouble Letting Go?

When it comes to "Letting Go" it has everything to do with the health of your Large Intestine.  The second half of the Metal Element, your Yang Large Intestine is in charge of regulating what the body holds onto and what it can say good-bye to, or Let Go.  As mentioned last month, the Metal Elements primary emotion is Grief, and in the Large Intestine the emotion 'grief,' manifests through the process of 'letting go.'  The Large Intestine releases all the waste products of the body.  These include food matter as well as emotions, beliefs, masks and negative energies.

The consciousness of the Metal Element is Animal Instinct-the primary energetic reactions to life.  That of the Large Intestine is the instinctive reaction, compared with the Lungs surrender

Muscles associated with the Large Intestine include

  • the Hamstrings at the back of the thigh,
  • the Tensor Fascia Lata of the side of the thigh, and
  • the Quadratus Lumborum at the lower portion of the spine, just above the pelvis bones.  

Pain in these areas of the body require assessing the functioning of the Large Intestine. 

An area most specific for creating pain in these muscles and their associated areas is the junction between the beginning of the Large Intestine and the ending of the Ileum portion of the Small Intestine, known as the Ileo-Cecal Valve.  Dysfunction of this valve is probably the most common syndrome for all people in our country, and when you consider the solution of simply applying a cool pack over the area of the valve for 20 to 25 minutes, it makes one wonder how many lost days of work due to low back pain could be avoided with this simple solution.

Imbalances within the Large Intestine are very common, considering all the ways we abuse it with the foods we eat and the medications we take.  Emotional causes related to creating, or as a result of, Large Intestine imbalances are being

  • Dogmatically Positioned (Rigid in your way of thinking),
  • Crying,
  • Compelled to Neatness, or
  • Defensive

If you experience any of those emotions on a regular/semi-regular basis, you'll want to consider the offer below. 

Throughout the year, I have made reference to a very common problem all Americans will be unable to avoid.  It is the digestive Yeast/Candidia imbalance that has become so pervasive.  Resulting from the intake of Antibiotics, this widely prescribed medication wipes out the friendly bacteria necessary for normal digestion of food.  What it doesn't effect is the other two components of the Large Intestine, the Yeast and Candidia, friendly Fungi needed to help with the digestive process.  As a result of the elimination of the friendly bacteria from the intake of the Antibiotics, and the consumption of refined and processed sugar which feeds the Yeast and Candidia, the body develops an overgrowth of Yeast and Candidia causing the body to now crave sugar.  This is the real reason why Americans are so fat. 

What occurs is the sugar being consumed, which should be burned for energy in the Brain and Nervous System, now is eaten and used to feed the Yeast/Candidia.  This results in tremendous gas and bloating in the Intestines, while the Brain and the Nervous System begin to malfunction due to a lack of food.  The person will become moody and depressed as a result.  This is a very good reason to avoid Antibiotics whenever possible and be sure to be taking a high quality Probiotic, aka Acidophilus, for the purposes of replenishing the body with the vitally needed friendly bacteria. 

Equally important is to take a second supplement to remove the excess Yeast/Candidia enabling the Intestinal System to return to its optimum balance.  The supplement used in the office is known as Zymex.  Having me monitor your digestion to determine when the body has reached optimum balance is also important.  This usually can take as long as 6 months to 1 year.  That's why it is important to monitor, while being consistent with your intake of the supplements during that time frame.  For if you stop too soon, the overgrowth with reoccur like weeds growing in your yard. 

Likewise, if you have this imbalance and consume too much (any) cheese, dairy, vinegar, alcohol (especially beer) or other fermented products, you can expect your body to begin producing excess mucus.  This will begin to clog your upper Respiratory System and potentially your Skin System.  What results is Upper Respiratory Infections, Asthma, Pneumonea, Psoriasis, Eczema, Dandruff or Rosacea.  All of these health imbalances are related to this digestive Yeast/Candidia imbalance.

Another important function of the Large Intestine relates to its relationship with the Kidney.  There exists a feedback mechanism between the two organs which help to control and regulate fluid levels within the body.  The Kidneys control the regulation of fluids through the Large Intestine.  If a person is dehydrated, the Kidney will instruct the Large Intestine to conserve water, leading to increased absorption from your digesting food, resulting in constipation.  If a person is getting too much water, the Kidney will respond by telling the Large Intestine to "let go" of the water creating diarrhea.  Having either of these extremes, constipation or diarrhea, helps you to evaluate the functioning of your Large Intestine and its relationship with the Kidney.  

Try to adjust your water intake to allow your body to have a bowel movement roughly 24 hours after eating a meal.  The proper amount of water for the body works out to be 1 quart/liter per 50 lbs. of weight, everyday.  This translates to eight - 8 oz. glasses of water per day if you weigh 100 lbs.  But if you weigh more, you'll need to drink more, figuring 1 pint for every 25 lbs. extra.  Put this into practice and see how it makes you feel.  Most of my Practice Members who implement this regime notice they begin to feel better almost immediately, every time. 

What You Should Consider

  • If you suffer with any imbalance of the Large Intestine, from Colitis, Diverticulitis, Irritable Bowel, Crohn's Disease, Chronic Constipation or diarrhea, you should consider coming into the office and having that checked. 
  • If you experience pain, discomfort or dysfunction within the low back muscles, the muscles on the sides of your hips, or lower abdominal pain, you'll want to get that checked. 
  • If you have ever taken Antibiotics and didn't take the 6 months to a year of Probiotics to replenish your Intestinal System, along with using Zymex to remove the excess Yeast/Candidia, you'll want to get checked. 
  • If you find yourself being rather rigid in your way of thinking, can't seem to let go, or find yourself being overly defensive in your reactions to life, you'll definitely want to get checked. 
  • If mucus is a problem for you this time of year, or you experience Upper Respiratory symptoms, Asthma, Pneumonea, Psoriasis, Eczema, dandruff or Rosacea, please come and get checked. 

All of these conditions are related to a digestive Yeast/Candidia Imbalance.

My Offer To You

For ALL Current Practice Members, if you believe you are having any of the above pains or symptoms related to your Large Intestine, you need to call the Office NOW and tell her you want the "I want to Let Go" Check.  Normally this check costs $125.00.  But as a gift to you for asking, I will include it in your next regular office visit for FREE!  But you must hurry, because after November 30th, the offer will be gone.  What do you have to do to take advantage of this?  Simply call (845) 561-BACK (2225) and tell us to put you in for the "I want to Let Go" Check.  But you need to hurry.  The month of November will go by quickly, as the Holiday Season begins.  So don't wait, Call TODAY!

For All Potential New Practice Members, I will offer you the same opportunity.  Simply call the Office at (845) 561-2225 and tell us to sign you up for my Tuesday evening FREE Health Care Class at 6:30 pm in the Pooler Office, where you get to ask all your health related questions and have them answered by Dr. Huntoon.  But you must act fast too.  For your offer also expires October 31st.   So call the Office today.  Better yet, call the office NOW!  Tell us you want to be put in for the "I want to Let Go" CheckCall NOW!

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