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Specific Health Concerns  >>    Vision Problems?  What That Says About Your Health

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In this video, Dr. Huntoon answers the question, Are Having Symptoms Normal?  Did you know that wearing glasses are a suppressor of symptoms while allowing your eye health to get worse.

What do wearing eye glasses or contact lenses mean? And what does that say about your overall health?

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Vision Problems?  What That Says About Your Health

Do you wear glasses? 

Do you wear contact lenses? 

Have you had Laser Repair Surgery for your eyes? 

All of these “remedies” for your vision indicates an underlying problem you may want to consider. 

I will start with a statement that may cause most readers to say, “Really?  I did not know that.” 

They may also decide to dispute the understanding, and that is their prerogative.  And, it is that perspective that probably created the basis for needing to wear glasses, contacts or have laser eye surgery to begin with.  And I will get to that momentarily.

What Controls Our Eye Health?

What Controls Our Eye Health? 

Did you know that your vision, the health of the lenses of your eyes, ALL the joints of your body and the condition of arthritis are all related to the same problem? 

That would be the health and functioning of your liver.

There is a relationship between the major organs of your body and the 5 senses that we use to navigate our environment.  Your liver is the organ that controls your vision and eye health.  Similarly, your kidneys control your hearing and the health of your ears; your Lungs control your sense of smell and the health of your nose; your stomach controls your taste and the health of your tongue, and your heart controls your sense of touch and your overall feelings.  And this has been known for thousands (7000) of years in The Chinese 5 Element Theory of Health.  And was scientifically validated some 20 years ago in Western Medicine.  A good book to read on this subject is The Molecules of Emotion by Dr. Candice Pert.

Unfortunately, Western Medicine, their understanding and what is then put into practice, takes about 30 years to become mainstream.  And I am not 100 percent convinced this will ever “see” the light of day, which is why I am sharing it with you.  I do NOT see the Allopathic Medical and the Pharmaceutical people being OK with educating people enough to help them take control of their personal health circumstances.  And I could be wrong.

So for what you need to understand, specifically for your eye health and your ability to see clearly and focus properly, instead of needing corrective lenses or surgical procedures to support normal vision, is the relationship with the health of your eyes, the health of your lenses and how to recognize what needing glasses means for you.

If we go back to the liver and the relationship it has with your eyesight, when one’s vision becomes blurry, it is because the lens of the eye is not expanding and/or contracting as required in order to maintain proper focus near and far away.  And they will say, meaning the eye doctors, “Your vision gets worse with time and you will need stronger prescriptions as you age.  And you may require bifocals too.”   And because that is the explanation and many people have this experience, we accept it as a natural process of aging.  Except when a person who is quite elderly does not have what everyone is destined to have, the need for glasses with stronger prescriptions as one continues to age. 

The Deeper Understanding

The Deeper Understanding 

All joint health is controlled by the liver, as well as eye health as mentioned.  And it is the muscles of the lens of the eye that are controlled by the liver.  Think Arthritis for the joints of the body and think Arthritis of the Eye for people who need to wear glasses.  Ultimately, it is the way we train the eye to function based on where we spend most of our time focusing and the emotions associated with how we feel about what we are focusing on.  For example:  When I was a teenager, I had developed an issue with seeing the board in school.  To solve the issue, I would sit closer to the board in order to accommodate.  When I went to college, in the bigger lecture halls, I could not sit close enough to accommodate.  So I went and got glasses.  Since I was always a serious student and had to understand why things were the way they were and how I could understand why things worked the way they worked, this put lots of stress on my liver.  I was trying to control things, organize my understanding and see the information I was learning clearly.  And when I had trouble seeing the board, understanding what was being taught (because I couldn’t see the board) and was struggling to keep up, I developed vision problems because of the way I was processing the information and the emotions I felt while processing.  And all of this lead me to one simple conclusion: I would need to get glasses if I wanted to solve the problem.  And so I did and all was solved; For the moment at least.    

Later in my career, when learning How to help people be and stay healthy, I pursued the causal effects of why someone develops health problems and was exposed to The Chinese 5 Elements Theory of Health.  It was here I learned about the relationship between the liver and eye health and the relationships of the muscles, joints and tendons.  And after talking with an eye doctor who practiced acupuncture and The Chinese 5 Element Theory of Health in his practice, he helped me to understand the relationships with the eyes and the liver from a functional sense.  And as I improved the functioning of my liver, while building and servicing my own practice members over the course of 27 years, my prescription for my own glasses never changed.  And this is what I want to share with you.

Setting a proper foundation is important for understanding. 

So How Do We Manage This?

Now we all experience these emotions on a daily basis.  And many of us have an outlet for these emotions and can delay the inevitable.  But, if you currently need support to help the lenses of your eye accommodate for being able to focus and see clearly, you are losing the battle with these emotions.  And if you do not deal with the manifestation of this problem, your eye health will continue to get worse over time.  AND, that may be acceptable to you.  If this is you, continue to go about your life.  If not, continue reading.

Why The Continued Progression of Lenses as We Age?

Glasses are like a crutch.  They help the lens adjust and accommodate for the weakness in the eye focusing mechanism.  So when you have a current pair of glasses (or contacts), they will support you to address the lenses of your eyes based on the current level of stress being stored in the eyes.  And as life continues to go forward and you continue to stuff emotions within your liver and your eyes, based on your life circumstances and the way you have trained your body to deal with those emotions, the crutch you are using will not be able to support the new levels of stress; Hence, the need for a stronger prescription.

Medicines Two Choices for You

Dr. Huntoon's Alternative Medical Treatment Options

How Do We Truly Solve This Epidemic?

If this is NOT ACCEPTABLE, then I want to help you understand what is available to change your results and actually improve your vision.  Perhaps even get rid of your glasses once and for all; or at least reduce the prescription or stop the progression your eye doctor told you was inevitable. 

In my office, we do a technique called Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET).  This wonderful technique helps so many of my practice members and has for the past 25 years.  It helps them to

1) release their emotions in a safe and effective manner

2) discover when they set the patterning up for their emotional response to different stresses

3) allows a person to become less reactive to life and become more deliberate in their response in life. 

After all, the emotions that cause the liver and eyes to become dysfunctional are being emotionally reactive to life, instead of being proactively and consciously responsive in life.  The former leads to arthritis of the eye and the latter leads to seeing things clearly.  Which would you choose?

Your Solution

Your Solution

Doing NET for your emotional liver stress and the relationship it has with your eyes is paramount to releasing the stress in the eyes and liver.  This is foundational for taking the stress out of the eyes and allowing them to begin to heal.  

It is also paramount that you will need to begin different eye exercises.   The eye exercises will help to strengthen the muscles that control the lenses and help the eyes to release the trapped emotion more easily.  I have a group of exercises that I use and have recommended to any of my Practice Members who have interest.  They are not hard and people "see" results very quickly, sometimes after the first session.

In addition to the eye exercises, anyone who exercises knows that in order for things to improve, there needs to be the proper nutrition to support the healing and growth of the parts being exercised.  Using specific Whole Food Supplements like Iplex, and Oculotrophin PMG to help heal the eyes themselves, along with liver support using Livaplex, Betafood and possibly Hepatrophin PMG will feed the eyes and liver everything they need to address their ability to handle your stress better.  It will also help the eyes to get stronger, something your eye doctor would never advise. 

What You Need To Consider

If you wear glasses and want to eliminate the need for them, please contact the office and set up a time for you to meet with Dr. Huntoon to discuss what is involved.  Simply call him on his cell phone at 845-561-2225.  He is happy and waiting to help you.

Your Two Choices

You could do nothing and continue to suffer health concerns that progressively get worse over time.


You could come in and have a Consultation and consider the treatment after having ALL your questions answered, and if you choose to go with care, CHANGE your health because you will have done something different.  There are NO SIDE-EFFECTS and everyone we have helped has had their problems go away.

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