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I appreciate you being here. 

May 19, 2020

Dear Practice Member;

Who Are You Being Now?

GOD put us all in a time-out with the Pandemic that was Covid 19.  During that time, we were all given plenty (not the right word) of time to pull back, slow down and take a look at our lives as individuals, as families and as a species of people. 

  • We wore masks,
  • We didn’t wear masks,
  • We obeyed the “stay at home” order,
  • We became stir crazy,
  • We developed “cabin fever,”
  • We found a thing called “ZOOM” and spent lots of time connecting with family and friends who do not live with us. 
  • We found different and inventive ways to pass the time and new ways to entertain ourselves, as individuals and as families. 

And all of that has been good for each of us, as it forced us to break out of our usual ‘sheepish’ patterns and asked us to reevaluate who we are, again as individuals, as families and as a society. 

So Who Are You BEing Now? 

How have you chosen to pass the time during quarantine?  I hope you used this time to reflect on who you had been and discovered some new answers of who you choose to be now.  I hope you took and are continuing to take the time to

  • look at you;
  • look at your life;
  • look at your purpose

and made a better choice about Who You NOW Choose To BE!

I found myself becoming more of who I have always been.  As a healthcare provider, I quickly adapted to continuing to help people by offering “Virtual Phone Appointments” in an effort to check in with my practice base to support them, especially the ones who live in and around the “eye” of the storm in New York City and the surrounding areas. 

I continued to serve my local population in Georgia by showing up at work everyday and helping people who had appointments and being available for people who needed to see me as a New Patient. 

I am reminded of a famous quote from President John F Kennedy, where he said, “Ask not will your Country will do for you, ask what you can do for your Country.”  And based on what I have seen, many of us have taken that to heart. 

  • Many of you became “mask” manufacturers;
  • many became drivers to deliver food to people;
  • many became the parent they always chose to be;
  • and many became the child care-taker to our parents at their time of need;

we have all gotten through this, those who continue to move forward in their lives.


I ask that question for a third time in an effort to help snap you out of the “lock down” mentality we have all been in for the past 3 months.  This is the “cabin fever” I wrote about 6 weeks ago. 

Have you snapped out of your "sheepish" mentality and awoken to the opportunity at hand? 

This is a catalyzing moment on an individual scale and on a global scale.  The institutions that have been built to serve us have not served us as humanity to get to a place of comfort. Many are struggling right now.  Many are sitting passively and wondering "How am I going to make it?"  We are being shaken in a way to wake up and ask the question, Who Do I Choose To BE?

  • We need to BE more active;
  • we need to BE more creative;
  • we need to BE more loving;
  • we need to BE more patient;

And ALL of that is true.  And in the face of that, I say

  • BE compassionate,
  • BE understanding,
  • BE supportive,
  • BE someone who listens,
  • BE someone who can offer comfort and we need to
  • BE so much more. 

And we all have it within us to BE ALL of those things ALL the time.  We are ALL human-BEings.  And I feel that the “time-out” GOD put all of us in was a time-out for all of us to consider Who We Are and Who We Choose to BE  

Who we would no longer BE going forward?  Let Go of who you were.  Activate your creativity and BE a "New" YOU NOW!  The world needs you!

We each need to BE a New Version of Ourselves.  A MORE authentic self.  

  • Some of you may have lost your job.
  • Some of you may be happy about that.
  • Some may be frightened of that.
  • Some may have lost co-workers; friends, family members due to Covid-19.

I can safely say that life as we knew it is never coming back. 

Some people may have a hard time accepting that, because they were used to life humming along. 

And GOD turned all our apple-carts upside down and put them through the spin cycle of a washing machine.  And that “ride” is just about over. 

What did you learn about your "self?" 

What did you learn about GOD’s Plan for you?  What choices are you confronted with NOW, as we begin to go forward in all of this?

There is a phrase that I feel applies, as it applies every day of our lives:

“It’s not what happened, it’s what you choose to do after that matters.” 

Nike said it in a Michael Jordan commercial about falling down 7 times and getting up 8. 

Who Do You Choose To BE?

This is probably the most fertile time in our lives to begin again anew.  And for many, this may be a big fear. 

I say “dive” into that fear and really look at it.  What you will find is ALL of it is manufactured in your mind and none of it is real. That IS the Grand Illusion and lets you know if you are mentally sound or if you need support.  I can help you.

Confronting a “do-over” 

Allow yourself to begin to DREAM again about the possibilities to go in a different direction. 

The great news is, we are all going through it at the same time. 

I believe it is GOD’s way of forcing all of us to confront ourselves; 

to choose the next grandest version of the greatest vision we ever held in that small part of ourselves of Who We Choose To BE!

Are you happy in your life now? 

Are you going to be happy 10 years from now if you continue doing what you are doing today? 

If not, I can help you.

Many States have chosen to “re-open” and many are finding it different when doing that.  

  • Restaurants are doing things differently.
  • Grocery Stores have continued to do things differently.
  • Many businesses will never re-open as a result of this experience we have all been through.

As a result, You will find yourself doing things differently, especially if your former coffee house is no longer in business.  

Confront this time in our lives, the space we call the “present” and Choose Who You Are Now and Who You Choose To BE!!  

See this moment in time as a great GIFT.  

The greatest gift you could ever be given; given to you by GOD. 

What do you choose to do with your “present?”

I say don’t worry about what you are Doing.

Focus on Who You Are BEing. 

And Go BE more of that and leave yesterday where it belongs…in the past.

And what you will find, as some time passes and the solidification of this “new” you emerges from the ashes, is a better version, a more focused version; a more serving person; here to serve others and to fully step into the reason why each of us incarnated into physicality…to help and to serve other human beings. 

I desire to HELP you bridge that gap, the gap of uncertainty in finding Who You Are and Who You Choose To Be.

Do you choose to accept the invitation and CHANGE?


Do you choose to try and go back to some former version of yourself?

The Choice is Yours.

And I know what I am doing right now.  Please call me at 845-561-2225 and allow me to support you through this period of transition.

Continually Yours to Health, Naturally;

Doc Rick

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