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Health and Wellness  >>    Why Does It Take So Long To Heal?

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In this video, Dr. Huntoon discusses

"Are Having Symptoms A Normal Part of Aging?"

The answer is absolutely NO!

We enjoy changing people's lives by restoring their ideal health.

Being healthy and staying healthy is not difficult.  With some proper guidance, you too can grow old gracefully.

We look forward to serving you.

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If Healing Takes Place At All?

Healing is defined as the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again

But what does that mean as far as my health concerns go?

Healing is a process.

A better question is,

What did I do (or what do I continue to do), that creates bad health outcomes that I experience as a health concern/disease/symptom?

Healing takes time. 

Our Current Model of “Health”

Healing involves and requires having the right circumstances to allow the body to repair and rebuild itself to the point of returning it back to balance; back to harmony; back to homeostasis.  And for everyone, this is a different formula.  True, the practice of Medicine will lead you to believe one of two things:

  • Either you have a condition and will need to take medication for the rest of your life, as is the case with high blood pressure or high cholesterol or diabetes OR until the problem resolves itself like a bacterial infection as an example.
  • You will need to undergo surgery to remedy the condition by repairing the problem, as in a rotator cuff injury OR removing the problem as is the case with gallbladder surgery, cancer or a herniated disc.

And in the process of doing either of these options, you will be “treated” just like everyone else who has the same diagnosis.  It is a One-Size-Fits-All process, except this does not work. 

You will be run through a specific protocol as determined by the doctors based on your health insurance coverage.  And the doctors and hospitals will do all they can to maximize the care they can provide.  The problem with this is, maximizing care is NOT for your benefit; it is, in fact, for their benefit.  It is the Business of Medicine. 


Upon determining what your health insurance will pay for, assuming you have health insurance coverage, they will find the maximum protocol based on a system of diagnostic codes that are attached to what can be expected to be recovered monetarily.  This drives the type of care a person receives.  Have good coverage and you can expect to receive the maximum amount of care possible, even if the care is not necessary.  It is designed to create profit for the practitioner and the facility they work for. 

If you do not have Health Insurance, minimalistic care will be offered to meet the “standards of care” for the un-insured.  If you are in the Hospital Emergency Room, which is where all un-insured or under-insured people go, you should expect to receive minimal care simply because the hospital understands they will never get paid for the care they administer.  This is why most people will not go to the doctor if they do not have coverage.  This is a problem unto itself.  And the answer is not in making everyone pay into a system that is not designed to get results anyone would want. 

Being placed on life-time medication or having body altering surgery you may not be able to live with resulting in life-time medication is also NOT a solution.

And believe it or not, this mentality of “treating” your condition naturally is also adopted in the Alternative Health Care field.  It is the Business Model of a healthy practice to “treat” as many people as possible for the rest of their life.  Keeping someone healthy is a good practice.  Except this becomes a problem when the provider is not addressing the root of the problem. 

What Goes Into Creating Health Concerns/Disease?

What Goes Into Creating Health Concerns/Disease?

You are the sum total of everything you put into and on your body.  This includes what we:

  • Eat
  • Drink
  • Breathe
  • Come in contact with
  • Think about
  • Feel AND
  • How we react or respond to all of it.

If we eat quality food, drink quality water, breathe quality air and live/work in a balanced and healthy environment, while associating with healthy people, chances are we will be healthy.

If we eat CRAP (Completely Refined And Processed) food, drink beverages high in sugar and other additives, breathe polluted air, and spend time living/working/sleeping in a toxic environment, this will influence and affect the way we think and feel.  And when we think and feel in ways that are not happy and healthy, we tend to eat, drink and participate in things that are not healthy and the problem becomes a cycle.

Our Habits and Routines

The choices we make and develop a comfort in repeating become our habits and routines.  And we are all guilty of living life this way.  We find comfort and can “relax” in our lives, even if the choices we are making are detrimental to our health.  And we have been lead to believe that having health concerns is like a “rite of passage” as one continues to age.  Medical Doctors will tell you, “You are getting old and should expect to have these concerns.” 

Really?  Is that all of our collective destinies? 

If you look around and see what is happening, then the answer sadly is YES!

What Does This Have To Do With Healing?

What Does This Have To Do With Healing?

It has everything to do with why we do not heal and why healing takes so long. 

If you stimulate something the correct way, what happens?

The appropriate response will result and you can expect a favorable outcome; one you can live with.

If you stimulate something in an incorrect way, what happens?

The response you get will be unfavorable and will be one you would choose to change.  After all, it wouldn’t be pleasant.

It is the choices we make and the consequences of those choices that determine if we are experiencing favorable outcomes or not.  We get to exercise our “Free Will” Choices and then “reap” the rewards, good or bad, of our choices.  This is the Law of Consequences.

Reactive vs. Responsive: Which Are You?

Do You Learn From Your Choices?

Only if your brain is working properly and is being stimulated in a positive way to be able to think clearly, see the relationships and move forward in life having a good sense of the outcomes that await you.  It is called Conscious Living.  And for most of our society, this is hard.  To live consciously requires one to be “present” from moment to moment.  But who does this? 

So much of our lives are done from a “reactive” state, where we react to what is occurring in an effort to stop something from going wrong and managing our day to prevent crisis.  Very few of us live our lives where we are fully present all the time, responding to life as it happens in a fully conscious way, creating outcomes we truly desire and are happy with, thus allowing us to feel balanced, happy and able to exercise our “Free Will” at ALL times.  Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

Our Reactive Mind

When we spend our whole day “reacting” to what is happening, we are controlled by our life.  We spend all of our time putting out fires and dealing with crises moment to moment, it is no wonder we are all Adrenal Deficient.  We become exhausted and do not have any energy.  We make bad choices in terms of the foods we eat, the things we drink, the company we keep and the life-style we end up leading.  And it is the “bad” choices that result in the outcomes we experience. 

Society has been set up to keep you trapped in your habit patterns and keep you from living your ideal “Free Will” life.  We are destined to be stressed, make bad choices with our diet, what we drink, the company we keep and what we are willing to “endure,” in an effort to “hold on.”  So many people I have seen over the years would “quit” their job tomorrow, IF money was not the issue.  They go to their place of employment in an effort to make enough money to support their life-style which is confined to habits they can afford, based on the job they have that they would leave in a second if the money was not the issue.  It is the issue, as we have set up society to re-enforce the perspective that if you are not “Keeping up with the Jones’” then you somehow are a failure.  And society chooses to live this way based on the “reactive” nature we live and the habits we repeat day in and day out. 

Our Insanity

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  Is our health insane?  For most, the answer is yes.  We take medications, both Over-The-Counter and Prescription, for the unwanted health concerns we have and even in our healthcare system, this is considered “normal.”  It has become so common place; we expect to be placed on medication as we grow old.  And for some, this begins at a very young age and they grow-up not knowing anything different.  And it is the habit and the insane repetition that keeps us stuck in our health/lack of health state.

Overcoming Our Biggest Barrier

We’ve all been blessed with life.  And each of our lives is unique and specific to the individual, the choices that we make and the consequences of those choices.  Do we like the results we get?  We reap what we sow.  And yet most of us do not have any conscious understanding of this, as we continue to make the same choices and repeat the same outcomes over and over.  We live the same patterns day to day, week to week, and year to year.  And eventually we develop the manifestation of those choices due to the chronic habituation of our behavior. 

If you want better outcomes you have never experienced, you will need to do things you have never done before.  This in itself is the greatest barrier to our living the lives we would choose versus the lives we have accepted as a consequence to our choices.  Our willingness to confront ourselves and make changes seems to be the hardest thing for human beings. 

Can We Repair Ourselves And What Does It Require?
Can We Repair Ourselves?

If you continue doing what you’ve always done, you will always get what you have always gotten.  This is especially true with our health.  And it requires making better choices and avoiding the pitfalls of our society and the ease at which we are kept trapped in our state of dysfunction.

What we need to do is:

  • Eat better food by becoming educated on the types of food that are made available to us. Do not simply accept that what is sold in the grocery stores and convenient marts is healthy and even edible.  Start consulting with someone who can help you understand how to eat healthy in our current society.
    • We can help you by evaluating your diet and determining if you have the right ingredients to repair and rebuild your body. And if not, we can recommend the highest quality Whole Food Supplements specific to your concerns.
  • Drink better liquids, ideally Artesian, Mineral or local Spring water. Avoid the sugar-based beverages, the sport drinks, the alcohols, etc.  They only create Digestive System Disruption.
    • If you have any of these Digestive System Disruptors in your daily life, we can advise you on how to correct the effects, thus assisting your body back to healing mode.
  • Breathe into your belly, NOT your chest. Your diaphragm is the processor of all emotion within the body.  Chest breathing freezes the diaphragm and does not allow for the emotions you experience to be processed in a healthy fashion.  This leads to repressed emotion, discomfort and poor choices as a result. 
    • We can help you understand proper breathing and assist you in releasing your negative/trapped/repressed emotions using a wonderful tool called NeuroEmotional Technique (NET).
  • Begin changing your environment at home and at work. Throw out anything at home that is not absolutely necessary for your health and wellness. We live in a society of excess, and it is the excess that is killing all of us.  Start with greatly reducing your stuff and your need for stuff.  Create an environment at home and at work that promotes balance and harmony. 
    • If this is a concern for you, we have available a Feng-Shui expert who can help you create a more balanced and harmonious environment. Since you spend your time there, it might as well help you, even if it is passively.
  • Begin having better quality thoughts. What do you think about?  Are you happy with your thoughts?  Do they serve you?  Are the productive?  Changing your diet to include better quality of food, drinking more water and breathing properly will help to balance your brain and your thoughts.
    • Using the tools already mentioned, we will help to make sure these new habits and behaviors stick to allow the transformation of you and your health. This is what allows for healing to increase in quality and in speed.
  • Be mindful of your feelings. Do you feel balanced and harmonious or do you feel stressed and anxious?  This directly impacts the type of foods we eat, the liquids we drink and the company we keep.
    • Continuing to use the tools you are adopting, your feelings will begin to be more balanced and healthy. You will begin to feel in control of your life, which will translate to better health and happiness.

How we react or respond to all of it makes all the difference. Being mindful and conscious of your moment to moment opportunities determines if you are reacting to life and repeating habits and behaviors versus responding to life and controlling your health and happiness.

What Does This Require?

It requires Consulting with a Life-Coach and Health Expert, such as myself, thus helping you restore balance to your life and your health. 

  • I will help you by reviewing your life, your current level of health and the consequences of your choices already made. 
  • I will help you develop a plan that addresses your life and help you execute a plan you can, not only execute but, live with. 
  • We will address every aspect of your life that needs to change, thus allowing you to express and experience your birthright: To BE Healthy. 

And when you restore balance, you will go back to being able to exercise your “Free Will” in your favor.  You will stop creating health concerns and you will restore your health as fast as possible.

I look forward to serving you!

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