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Health and Wellness  >>    Why Do I Get Sick?

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In this video, Dr. Huntoon discusses if having Symptoms is ever normal and what you need to consider if you would choose to be healthy.

Getting sick and having your body begin to break down is something no one should ever have to deal with, and yet, too many people do.

Consider what this video says and IF you have health concerns and want to deal with them Naturally, we are here to help you and look forward to serving you.

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Why Do I Get Sick?

This is the fundamental question we will all have to confront at one point in life.

Sickness is very "common" in life.  Common means many people have this concern. 

Having Sickness Though is NOT Normal. 

And yet our whole culture has grown to accept sickness as a normal process in living life. 

So many line up and run to get their annual flu shot.  Heck, they are currently masking-up and waiting for the time the Covid-19 vaccine will arrive and then ALL will be well again!

So many parents bring their children in to get them vaccinated, as many as 36 different times, in an effort to avoid serious disease as the child grows up. 

And yet, we continue to get sick, continue to run to the doctor and continue to take prescription medication, non-prescription medication, have surgical procedures and go to the doctor to have treatments for conditions and diseases we were never meant to have.  Does ANY OF THIS CONCERN YOU?

Health is our birth-right, and yet the average person does not exercise this right.

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Why Does My Body Break?

Why Your Body Breaks

So many times in the course of 30 years of practicing, a Practice Member will ask me two important questions:

  • “Dr. Rick, why does my body break and not be healthy?"

This is always followed by,  

  • "What can I do to stop that from happening?”  

Those are absolutely the right two questions, which are essentially the same question from a different point of focus. 

So I will handle that for you and give you some ideas you can employ into your life to avoid needing to answer those questions.

Back To Basic Understanding

Back To Basic Understanding

The basic unit of the body is called a cell.  And for the vast majority of our society, a cell has everything it needs to be healthy with the exception of proper nutrients to keep the cell functioning in a balanced way. 

The nutrients our cells require are:

  • Real Food,
  • high quality Oxygen,
  • Spring Water and
  • Sunlight

These supply the body with energy it requires for normal function.  And what results is a happy cell that performs in an ideal fashion.  And it is the quality of the nutrients, meaning the actual food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe and the amount of sun exposure we get, that results in health.

OR it results in a

  • lack of normal function (mal-function) leading to
  • dis-ease and eventually
  • symptoms. 

And these results occur over time in all of us. And it is due to the quality of what we take into the body to maintain our normal, healthy function.  It is the quality of energy exchange from what we take into our body.  This is probably most important for ALL of us to understand. 

The Car Analogy

If you put crap gas in your car, how would you expect the car to run?  Correct, crappy. 

The same thing happens if we have poor quality gas, poor air, dirty oil, or if the radiator does not have adequate amounts of water in it.  And we all appreciate that this is what it takes to maintain the normal function of our car. 

But What About the Body?

Over the past 75 years or so, we have had a tremendous change in

  • Our food.  The food is being Genetically Modified, Refined and Overly Processed and over-run with chemicals, preservatives and additives that make what nature should be providing become Completely Refined And Processed or what I call CRAP food;
  • The air that we breathe.  It is not as clean as it once was;
  • The water we drink.  It is not as healthy as it once was; (Our drinking water needs to be from an isolated underground aquifer, in order to minimize any contaminants.  Purified and filtered water have been processed, thereby stripping the water of the vital ingredients we need to be healthy and have a healthy Immune System);  
  • The Sun.  We have been lead to believe that spending time in the sun without proper protection is hazardous to our health and will lead to skin cancer.  But what about one of the most important vitamins we need that acts as a hormone precursor, vitamin D?  If you live in the United States, you will find you are deficient in this vital vitamin and your body will have health issues as a result.

What Happens To Our Health?

So What Has Happened To Our Health?

Since all of our food seems to be of the CRAP variety; all our water has been “purified;” the air we breathe is full of pollutants; and everyone is lathering up with sun-screens and sun-blocks that block our body’s ability to manufacture the one free vitamin nature provides; what are we to do if we choose to be healthy?   It certainly makes for an up-hill battle. 

An important point of understanding involves the process of how our body converts what we give it into normal functioning cells; and how this translates into health and wellness.  Please follow along to gain this understanding:

When the body receives everything it needs, the cells are happy and healthy: all is well and we have HEALTH.  And this is ideal.

But when we do not have everything the cells needs, when we become nutritionally deficient in the required ingredients necessary for normal function, then we begin down a cascade of effects that occur through the following 5 Stages of Body Breakdown:

5 Stages of Body Breakdown

  • INFLAMMATION is the natural result when the body does not receive what it needs. The cell literally expands in an effort to allow more food-stuff into the cell to satisfy the cells requirements for normal function.  Unfortunately, when the cell does not receive what it needs, due to the CRAP food we are feeding it, this leads to the next phase of body breakdown

  • DEPOSITION This occurs where the body begins to deposit within the cell all the incomplete building blocks taken in, due to the lack of essential ingredients from all the CRAP food we eat.  This is the type of ingredients we have ALL been lead to believe is acceptable as food. Except it is not quality food.  Since the body is very adaptable and can find "work-a-rounds" to satisfy the cell, it will continue to do the best it can.  This results in all the undigested particles of CRAP food-stuff being moved to the side of the cell, eventually over crowding the cell wall.  This interferes with cellular transportation into and out of the cell leading to dysfunction at the cellular level.  Eventually the overcrowding of the cell wall area begins to get depositied and trapped within the cell wall.  This leads to the next phase of breakdown called

  • IMPREGNATION This happens when the undigested, incomplete food-stuff particles are forced into the cell wall while trying to maintain "normal cellular operations."   Once the cell wall becomes effected, this leads to the next phase of cell breakdown called

  • DEGENERATION: This is where the first physical signs of aging begin to show up.  This is where one can notice:
    • a grey hair;
    • the skin wrinkling;
    • an age line;
    • a change in skin color in certain areas (age spots). 

This is where we notice the body changing and begin to question why?  ALL of this is based on 40 or 50 or even 60 years of

  • poor quality food,
  • air and
  • water we take into our bodies.   

This is usually when we find our way into our doctor’s office for some sort of health complaint, some level of symptom that has become too inconvenient for us to deal with every day. 

What Is The Standard Of Care?

Masking the symptoms with medication that only suppresses your body’s ability to tell you there is a problem.  And if nothing is done to remedy this phase of body breakdown, we move to the final phase called

  • DEDIFFERENTIATION This is where the cells begin to change for the worse. The cells will respond in one of the following ways:
    • lyse (break),
    • fibrose,
    • scar, or
    • mutate. Do you know what you call it when a cell mutates?  CANCER! 

And we are all subject to this to one degree or another.

What Is The Natural Outcome Of This Process?

Health conditions are the result of all of this slow cascade of body breakdown:

Realize this is only a partial list of potential health concerns.  If you are currently suffering with a health concern and would like to address the SOURCE of your concern, please give us a call at 845-561-2225.

What Controls All Of This?

What's The Controlling Factor In All Of This? 

Our Nourishment! 

The things we use to nourish our body: the things

  • we eat,
  • we drink,
  • we breathe and
  • the effects of the nourishing sun.  

And without ALL of these, the body will begin to develop deficiencies that lead to mal-function, dis-ease and ultimately, symptoms and cellular dedifferentiation. 

The lack of proper nutrients causes our body to break down, causes our brain to have difficulties and leads to us not being able to have harmony in our lives.  This leads to mental stress, emotional stress, chemical stress and ultimately physical stress that lead to our body breaking down.

Dr. Huntoon's Alternative Perspective and Prevention

How Do We Prevent This?

First we need to address the stage the body is in currently.  This requires a proper evaluation with a Holistic Chiropractor who can evaluate how your body is functioning now AND what is out of balance.  Once we find ALL the imbalances, we need to understand the different contributing components associated with each imbalance.  We do that by addressing the 7 Pillars of Health

If one of the contributors is nutrition (ALL Health Problems relate to a Lack of Proper Nutrition), we need to find a way to give the body the nutrition it needs.  This will allow it to begin to function properly and is the basis for healing.  This is done through Specific Whole Food Supplements designed to give your body the exact ingredients it needs, as provided by nature, to fill in the holes we have created from our CRAP nutrition. 

Having a Nutritional Response Testing Evaluation to determine your specific nutritional deficiencies would be the best thing you could do to help your body get back onto the road to health.   Please consider that when making the choices you make regarding your health.

Our Offer To You

Come to the office and have a Nutrition Response Testing Evaluation.  This will help both of us to determine:

  • what are the missing ingredients in your diet that are creating the basis for your health concerns
  • what are the other components that result from the poor nutrition 

Health concerns are life-stealing and should never be considered a “normal” part of the aging process. 

Are you too far gone?  Only YOU can decide that. 

Call the office today at 845-561-2225 and schedule your Nutrition Response Testing Evaluation.  We look forward to serving you.

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