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Your Free Health Report

Welcome to my e-guide to improving your health: 7 Foundational Pillars to Restore & Maintain Your Health.  In order to restore and maintain your health, you will need to understand each of these pillars and the simple, but profound, changes in your daily life they require you to consider.

Beginning with Foundational Pillar Number 1, the information in this guide builds logically all the way through Foundation Pillar Number 7.

By understanding and applying each of these pillars, you will begin to improve and take control of your health.

You can apply the first four pillars completely on your own; however, the last three require you to work with a practitioner who can provide what you can’t do for yourself.  Such as?  Unfortunately, as much as I would like to be able to teach people how to adjust themselves to address their Primary Subluxation, such an adjustment cannot be performed by oneself.  I too need to visit a practitioner who does this for me.  I must also take responsibility for having this need addressed.  If I don’t, my Nervous System will begin to fail, and so will my health. 

All of this will be explained as you read through this guide.

So what should you do to begin your journey?

1)    Start by reading through the 7 Foundational Pillars to Restore and Maintain Your Health

2)    Starting with Foundation Pillar Number 1, begin applying each Foundational Pillar in your life, one pillar at a time.

3)    Add the next Foundational Pillar only after you have fully understood and integrated the previous Foundational Pillar.

4)    Always remember the importance of each of the 7 Foundational Pillars when Restoring & Maintaining your health.

I am excited to support you on your journey to better health and proper health maintenance.   I am always available to answer any of your questions and invite you to e-mail me at docrick@spineboy.com , or call the office at (912) 348-3369 or my cell phone (845) 561-2225.


Foundational Pillar Number 1: Proper Breathing

Proper breathing is vital for health. That is why GOD made it FREE. Realize that your ability to breathe in oxygen is absolutely necessary for your survival. Oxygen is the most vital ingredient for life, and your body can’t go without it for more than five minutes.  If we do, brain damage begins to set in.

Breathing is the first thing we do when we are born and the last thing we do before we die. Unfortunately, most people breathe improperly.  As a result, they experience poor digestive function, poor emotional processing, poor energy production, and poor health as a whole.

Proper breathing is generally misunderstood because, except for those who have taken a breathing class or practice different forms of yoga, most of us have not been taught how to do it. Breathing is a unique function in that it is automatic, controlled by our autonomic nervous system, but can also be altered by our will.  We can choose to breathe deeply, or quickly, for example. Our breathing can also be altered by our unconscious thoughts and feelings, such as anxiety or concern over how we appear in public. Unless we become conscious of how to breathe properly, most of us will breathe improperly, due to the influence of emotions of which we are not conscious. When we are lying down in bed, with no thought of how we might appear to others, we breathe properly. But when we stand, or even sit up, our unconscious mind takes over. Being concerned without realizing it over how we appear in public can cause us to breathe backward.

What do I mean by breathing backwards?

Breathing backwards is breathing from the chest rather than from the belly. When breathing, most people fill their lungs with air, causing their chest to rise, and also their shoulders. At the same time they pull in their bellies, restricting the expansion of the abdominal cavity and their digestive organs.  Pulling in the belly often leads to digestive troubles ranging from gas, bloating, heartburn, indigestion, reflux, hiatal hernia, esophageal spasms, and tightness of the chest with shortness of breath.  All of this occurs because the diaphragm is being held in place by chest breathing and thus is not being allowed to expand properly. You can check this for yourself. Simply stand in front of a mirror, take a breath in, and notice if your chest moves in an upward direction, along with your shoulders. If you see this, you breathe backwards, from the chest rather than the belly.

Belly breathing is healthier and will allow your body to begin processing energy in a more efficient manner. In belly breathing, the lungs fill with air, as in chest breathing, but fill in a downward rather than upward direction. They expand downward and allow the diaphragm to expand downward too.  The diaphragm pushes the abdominal cavity down and outward, causing the belly to expand outward. The downward expansion of the diaphragm helps in two major ways (1) it allows for the digestive system to gently be massaged every time you breathe in and out; and (2) It allows the diaphragm to process the emotional energy you are creating in your life.  Emotions can move down from your head via the diaphragm and thus reach the large intestine, where they can be let go.  Our gut, which includes our large intestine, has so many neurons that it is now thought to function like a second, independent brain. It plays a vital part in helping us release emotions rather than holding onto them. Holding onto emotions that are no longer serving a purpose is a major source of health concerns. But luckily, with proper breathing, there is an easy way to help your body/mind let them go. We can explore this in greater depth in my office, as we discuss how to improve your health.


Foundational Pillar Number 2: Drink Plenty of Water

Water makes up 70 % of the planet and, likewise, it makes up 70 % of your body.  Your brain is actually 80 % water, which is why constant intake of water is necessary if you want your Nervous System to work efficiently.  Consuming 1 quart of water for every 50 pounds you weigh on a daily basis becomes paramount if you want your brain and Nervous System to regulate your body correctly.   (If you weigh 150 pounds, you will need to drink a dozen 8-oz. glasses of water every day.)

Nearly as important as oxygen, water is the second most vital ingredient for life.  We can go without water for only about 7 days before our body begins to die. Unfortunately, although our planet is 70% water, many of our water sources are contaminated. In addition, many people don’t realize how vital water is to their health. They also assume, wrongly, that other liquids can take the place of water.  This is untrue because the body must lose water with every rotation of the Krebs Cycle in order to extract the water from juice, coffee, sodas, and other liquids. Thus, drinking anything other than water ultimately leads to dehydration.

When we lack water, the first part of the body that will have problems is the brain.  Since the brain is what controls and regulates all other functions in the body, it makes sense to keep the body properly hydrated, every day.

If you exercise, your body will require more water to maintain proper function and energy.  Therefore, you will need an additional quart of water for every 30 minutes of aerobic activity such as running, cycling, stair-master, elliptical or the like, versus needing an additional quart for every 60 minutes of anaerobic activity such as weight lifting, basketball, tennis or similar activities. 

As a side benefit, the fastest way to help your body increase your metabolism, and thus support the process of losing weight, is to breathe properly and drink the appropriate amount of water for your weight. To repeat, that’s 1 quart for every 50 lbs you weigh, every day.


Foundational Pillar Number 3: Eat Quality Food Often

We all appreciate the phrase, “You are what you eat.” And yet many people with health challenges continue to eat CRAP (Completely Refined And Processed) Foods and wonder why they feel so lousy. 

Quality food does not obligate you to eat organic at every meal.  Quality food does require you to eat food that does not come in a package with a long shelf life. The long-shelf-life foods are the CRAP Foods we need to avoid. 

Quality food is food that was recently alive and comes from as close to its source as possible.  Fruits and vegetables begin to lose their nutritional value from the moment they are picked or harvested.  The longer it takes you to acquire them, the less nutrition is available, and the quality of the food goes down exponentially. 

Consider doing what the Europeans do. They go shopping at their corner store almost every day.  The produce they buy was picked that morning.  The fish they buy was caught that day or the day before and kept on ice.  The foods they eat are always fresh and, believe me, it tastes that way too, compared to many of the “foods” made available in the U.S. 

I understand the convenience of “fast food” or even places that make it right in front of you, but if you are going to be healthy, your body, in order to repair and rebuild itself, will need proper food. Quality food is vital for restoring your health. Food is the third most important ingredient for life. We begin to die after more than two or three weeks without it, which is why GOD made food sources abundant.


Foundational Pillar Number 4: Exercise

Yes, unfortunately, exercise is one of the 7 Foundational Pillars to Restore & Maintain Your Health.  If you are not in a position to exercise right now because of your health concerns, you may need some treatment to help you recover before you are ready to exercise.

Why is exercise such a vital Foundational Pillar? 

Our bodies were designed for moving.  Movement is what keeps all our organs, glands, tissues, and systems working optimally.  Without movement, things tend to get tight, and this leads to restrictions, inflammation, arthritis and ankylosis (freezing) of your joints.  Once freezing occurs, you can no longer move, and this ultimately leads to death.

The importance of exercise cannot be over-emphasized. If you are not currently involved in an exercise routine, either because you are not capable due to your current health, or you do not have time, I can assist you. I will help you develop a simple exercise plan that does not require expensive equipment or a monthly gym membership, or that takes too much time to implement.  Simply ask me to help with this and we can begin to put a plan in place. 


As you have seen, the first four Foundational Pillars to Restore & Maintain Your Health are completely controlled by you.  Your ability to make them a priority will allow the work you and I need to do together to have a more significant result.  Following the first four principles will allow for you to take back full control of your health and your life as quickly as possible. We now need to discuss the remaining three Foundational Pillars that you cannot follow by yourself and will require some expert support.


Foundational Pillar Number 5: Spinal Adjustments for Subluxation

Your Nervous System controls every cell, tissue, organ, gland, and system in your body. 

The ability of your Nervous System to do so optimally makes the difference between health and dysfunction.  We know that dysfunction, if not properly addressed, always leads to disease. Therefore, we want to make sure your Nervous System is communicating to and from your body with the highest level of efficiency possible.  To be sure that it is doing so, we need to check for subluxation.  

What Is A Subluxation?

A subluxation is

  • a minor misalignment of a segment of the spine (a vertebra) that causes irritation to a nerve with a resultant loss of normal function.  Said differently,
  • it is an interruption of communication from the brain to any cell, tissue, or organ in the body.

What Causes A Subluxation?


What does the above mean for you? 

1)    Your thoughts affect how your body functions. 

2)    Both physical traumas and emotional traumas affect how your body functions. 

3)    The toxins in our food, water, and air, plus the effects of using electronic devices (computers, cell phones, televisions, etc) create an accumulated toxic effect in our body that affects how our body functions.  

So, if all of this is true, it is safe to say we are all subluxated at one point or another, all the time.

You might say, That sounds interesting, Dr. Huntoon, but what does it mean to me and my life?  Why should I care? 

If your cool 4G phone has bad reception, do you surf the web properly?  Might there be some loss of signal leading to poor or no results with your phone?  Is that OK during the times communication is really important? 

Now ask yourself if it’s OK when your brain and body have signals that are lessened or blocked?

It’s not OK. Subluxation is the worst health condition anyone could suffer from. 

Why?  Because until you lose greater than 60 % of normal communication in your body, you will be completely unaware of this fact, and you will be creating bigger problems as time goes on if this condition is not addressed properly.

Put another way, you have to lose greater than 60 % of normal functioning in order to experience a symptom, such as a pain.

Would you be willing to lose greater than 60 % of your investment account before your investment broker called to tell you there was a problem? 

Of course not. Yet people regularly allow themselves to lose more than 60% of their healthy functioning before they seek help.

Why isn’t the public more aware of the danger of ignoring subluxation?

The answer is simple. Prevention of health concerns

  • does not sell medication, nor
  • does it create the basis for surgical intervention.

Addressing dysfunction before it becomes full-blown disease would threaten the health and welfare of our “healthcare system,” which we are now all required to pay for whether we have a health issue or not.

Knowing this simple information puts you at a crossroads. 

  • Do you help yourself by addressing subluxation at your local chiropractor’s office?


  • Do you stick with the status quo, continue to ignore your body and develop dis-ease, while waiting for more serious conditions to manifest? 


Foundational Pillar Number 6: Supplementation

Sadly for all of us, the quality of our food is compromised by over-processing; the use of artificial flavors, colors, and petroleum-based pesticides; shipping time; over-farming of the soil; the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s); the pollution and contamination of our water; and acid rains.  All of this contributes to the downfall of our food and the basis for quality nutrition.  The more the food industry interacts with the crops grown and what man does to make it ready for market, the less and less actual nutrition our bodies receive through our diet.  Compound that by not taking the time to prepare quality meals, eating fast-food on the run, suffering digestive imbalances, and using antibiotics, and our ability to absorb any nutrition left in the CRAP (Completely Refined And Processed) foods we consumer is lessened even further. If our bodies are ever to be able to heal, they will require the highest quality ingredients and nutrients. This is where Whole Food Supplementation comes in. 

Standard Process Whole Food Supplements are made from 100 percent whole-food concentrates grown on a totally organic farm that has used exceptional farming practices since 1929. These products are the highest quality supplements available in the world. Since they promote healing and health by feeding the body, they are only available through licensed practitioners who can make sure they are being used properly and monitored regularly, to ensure their patients’ progress. Standard Process Whole Food Supplements will become a part of your treatment program at some point when you become a Practice Member. 

If you currently take supplements, please bring them with you on your first scheduled visit so we may evaluate their effectiveness for your health. This evaluation will help you know if they are the best solution for you and can be part of your regular care any time you are interested. 


Foundational Pillar Number 7: Detoxification

We live in a sea of toxins.  We are all exposed to over 86,000 different chemicals on a weekly basis, less than 20,000 of which are regulated by the government (FDA and EPA).  So, are we toxic?  Yes, we all are to one degree or another.  And our body’s ability to process these toxins in a healthy fashion is the difference between having health issues and not having them. 

What does the body do with these toxins that we breathe, drink, eat, and are exposed to through our electronic devices (cell phones, computers, WiFi, television, fluorescent lighting, and out-gassing from fabric and building supplies in our homes)?  It does the best it can to isolate them, by surrounding them in a layer of water and storing them in our fat stores away from our vital organs. Doing so leads to excess weight, fatigue, obesity and poor body function.

Since we are all exposed to toxins as a part of life, what can you do to off-set the negative effects associated with these exposures?  Detoxification is the answer.  My Doctor-Supervised Detoxification Program is a full-body cleanse offered during the Spring when the energy of your body is expanding. This program is designed to clean all the filters of your body (3 external: Lungs, Large Intestine, and Skin; and 3 Internal: Liver, Kidney and Spleen) while feeding your body the necessary ingredients for each of those organs to restore their optimum function. 

The Result?

The detoxification leads to better functioning of the brain and body, increasing clarity of thought, the ability to sleep more soundly, and overall energy. A usual side-effect is losing weight, although weight loss is not the focus of the program.

What if you start as a New Patient in the Summer, Fall or Winter?  Can you do the Doctor-Supervised Detoxification Program during those times? 

To be healthy, the answer is NO.  Why?  Because the rhythms of your body do not allow for doing a full body cleanse during those times.  If you do, it will create other health concerns that will not fully develop for nine months or more.

There is, however, an opportunity for you to do a modified cleanse during the fall.  This program simply cleans the three external filters (Lungs, Large Intestine and Skin) while the energy is highest in those organs.  While it does not cleanse the whole body, it does prepare the body for the full-body cleanse offered in the spring.  This is called the Doctor Supervised Fall Clean-Up

If you have any questions about either of these programs, please ask me when you are in the office and we can discuss them fully.


In Conclusion: 

I hope you have found this report helpful. 

Please begin by applying the first 4 Foundational Pillars to Restore & Maintain Your Health at your earliest convenience. 

Then begin the other 3 Foundational Pillars by scheduling a Consultation and Examination at the Office. 

The sooner you do that, the sooner you can restore and maintain your health.  I look forward to meeting you.

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