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The Eighth Wonder of the World

Various lists of the Wonders of the World have been compiled from antiquity to the present day, to catalog the world's most spectacular natural wonders and man-made structures.  You’ve heard of the 7 Wonders of the World.  So what is the 8th Wonder?

The Eighth Wonder is the phenomenon of the Traditional Allopathic Medical Healthcare System in our present day culture.  You may be thinking, “Why is our current medical system/healthcare system a wonder of the world?”  A valid question.  So let’s look into it.

Why Is The Following True?

I have been in the healthcare industry as a provider of health care for the past 30 years.  And what I have noticed are the following:


  • WHY is no one in the insurance-based health care system truly looking for the causes of our health concerns?
  • WHY are we lead to believe that as we age, we can expect the standard health conditions to show up, as if it was a certainty we all will develop these conditions we all do not want?
  • WHY is there a true lack of understanding on How to Prevent health concerns like Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Autoimmune Disease, etc, instead of popularizing them with advertisements for ineffective treatments that do more harm than good?
  • WHY is there a continued focus on endless, ineffective and expensive treatments with no true solution?
  • WHY do we continue to rely on expensive tests, examinations and screenings with no ability to understand the cause of the results for the expensive tests that tell us we need intervention?
  • WHY do we continue to focus on costs for these ineffective treatments?
  • WHY do we continue to focus on telling us to go get ineffective vaccinations with little to no concern for the consequences associated with mass vaccinations?
  • WHY do we continue to focus on “standardized” care, the one-size-fits-all mentality and focusing us to think that harmful side-effects from medications are an acceptable and natural outcome of the “care” being offered?
  • WHY do we continue to “over prescribe” medications and have absolutely no concern for the resulting addictions and the ruined lives?
  • WHY are the manufacturers of these addicting medicines not liable for the ruined lives associated with taking their product?
  • WHY is there no recognition or acknowledgment of the association of prescription medications being linked with every school and mass shooting going all the way back to Columbine?
  • WHY are we perpetuating the head in the sand mentality of doctors who continue to do the same thing over and over again without the realization of what they are doing as qualifying for being insane; and the lack of awareness to do something to change the status quo?
  • WHY the continued focus on screenings as a “preventive” measure when nothing is being done to understand the mechanism of cause of our health concerns?
  • WHY don’t we change the focus on creating true health versus not looking for lack of health so we can make money off managing the concern instead of never having the concern to begin with?
  • WHY does our government, our Center for Disease Control, the World Health Organization and any other agency designed to “protect” us from disease seem to NOT have “true solutions” as a major focus for the diseases we “suffer” from?
  • WHY aren’t more people demanding for true solutions instead of the treadmill of treatment?
  • When will the insanity of our “health care system” end?

I am certain there are more questions along the same vein we could ask, and it still comes down to our current mentality of “Profits over People.” 

A wise person once said, “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always gotten.”

So What Can YOU Do?

So What Can YOU Do?

What can you do to support yourself and your loved ones from “volunteering” for this inevitable outcome that is perpetuated in every aspect of our lives? 

  • Become interested in your health
  • Begin to learn about your health: what it is and what it takes to claim it. Take classes, read books, do on-line classes, make friends with those who are learning too and spend time with them to expand your knowledge.
  • Apply ALL the learning to yourself, a little at a time and begin to take ownership of you and your body.
  • Find a Health Mentor who can instruct you and help you restore and establish your ideal health.
  • Develop a Health Plan designed to restore your health to its highest level possible, knowing it may take some time depending on where you are starting from and the degree of improvement needed.
  • Commit to your health as your most important and prized possession.
  • Once you have your health and have a system in place to maintain it, begin to teach others what you know.
  • Become a Health Mentor to others and begin to create a family of healthy people.
  • Continue to support others on their quest for health to create a healthy community.
  • Always be educating others by the choices you make and the reasons for your choices, as they will want to learn what it takes to avoid ending up on the treadmill of treatment and paying homage to the Medical/Pharmaceutical Establishment.
  • Let’s change the sickness care mentality to exercising your birth-right to Always Be Healthy!
  • Let us work together to make our current sickness-care system a thing of the past.

Do You Have A Health Concern?

Do you have a health concern? 

If so, what is your story? 

What is the story you tell yourself that justifies your health concern, reinforces your health concern and keeps you stuck in your health concern?

I recently went to a “support group” to meet the members in the group that suffer from a difficult and debilitating neurological condition to see what they were about.  I already knew what they were about, as the name of the group told the whole story.  I went to see if any of them would be open to “changing their story.” 

Because I was new to their group, I stood out as an outsider.  I did not have the health issue they all had.  The “group leader” and I had communicated via e-mail and I told her I had a different perspective on the condition and had helped many people with their concern, and would it be OK if I attended the meeting?  She agreed and welcomed me to come to their next meeting, sent me their Newsletter and gave me the location and date for their monthly meeting.  I told her I wanted to sit in and see what they were about and asked her to investigate who I am and what I do and how it might be beneficial for her group by going to my website and doing some reading about what I do and to ask me any questions, if she had any.   She said she would and looked forward to meeting me.

When I arrived at the meeting, I came in, introduced myself to the group leader, reminded her of our communication and she thanked me for coming.  They had a “Guest Speaker” scheduled to share some services that would help the person with “their” condition feel better.  I sat through the presentation and when it came time to ask questions, I introduced myself and offered to the participants some encouragement about what was just presented and how it could help each of them find some relief.

What happened next was unexpected and certainly unintended; I was asked who I was, what I did and if I had any information that may be helpful to the group.  I asked the “group leader” if answering the question was OK and she said yes.  So I got up in front of the group and gave them a simple presentation on what I do and the great success I had a eliminating the concern they all suffered from.  I explained the method and the science behind my approach and what someone would experience as a result of going through the simple 3 step process.  I offered to come back to a future meeting to get more into the understanding of how the process works and the “group leader” said she would have to “talk” to the board members to get me on their list of presenters, most likely for the next meeting.  She said they did not have a presenter as of now and didn’t see it as being a problem for me to come back and present.  I thanked her and the group for their time and said I would look forward to answering any of their questions, and I left them with my business card.  One woman contacted me before I was able to drive home and e-mailed me a couple of times where we discussed the 3 step process to eliminate the concern.  She told me she would schedule an appointment, which she did a couple days later, only to cancel and never call back. 

I never did hear back from the “group leader” and nothing became of the interaction.

“Why?” you may be thinking.

The “Why?” is the person’s, and in this case, the group’s story.

Their story is their condition.  Their story is how they justify feeling the way they feel and the life they have created as a result of their condition.  Their story is their truth.  They have created a whole life based on their story.  And they even have a whole group of individuals that support their story being true.  So they have become comfortable with their story.  They identify as their story.  They invest and protect their story.  They are stuck in their story.  They are closed off to getting help, true help, for their concern.  They are convinced that their condition is beyond help.  Why?  Because that is the story they tell themselves in every waking moment of every day.  They live it!  They embody it!  They become it!

So, what is your story?  Is it one you are proud to share because it is a fun filled and an adventurous story?   Or is it one that keeps you stuck?

If it is the latter, do you choose to stay there?

Your Opportunity 

Your Opportunity

Your Next Step

Call the Office and speak with me and tell me you are tired of:

  • accumulating health concerns as you get older
  • needing more and more prescription medications as you continue to age AND
  • You do not choose to have the inevitable surgical interventions your Medical Doctor is setting you up for by prescribing medications as an answer to your concerns without addressing the most important question you have, “WHY?”

Our phone number is 845-561-2225.  This is my cell phone number and I will be the one answering the phone!  I look forward to speaking with you!

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